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  • There is No Fold in Web Design


    The fold refers to the newspaper industry. This article seeks to prove that there is no fold in web design.

    Newspapers Were Folded

    A newspaper was traditionally folded in half. The top half of the paper needed to grab attention. Content above the fold sold newspapers.

    The Web is Many Sizes

    On the web, everybody’s screen is a dramatically different size. User experience research has shown that users will scroll the web without hesitation.

    Content Hierarchy is Still Important

    While there is no fold in web design, it still makes sense to put important or captivating information at the top of your web page along with your site’s navigation.

    The Fold Hurts Design

    Design requires careful placement of content hierarchy. Some of the best designed sites on the internet demonstrate how whitespace and scrolling improve rather than hurt user experience. Content shouldn’t be jammed into a box to fit into some ideal size. It should be given the space it needs to communicate the information.

    To review, the takeaway messages are:

    • there is no standard screen size
    • give your content the space it needs
    • users are not afraid to scroll
    • make users want to scroll by arranging your content in meaningful ways
    • there is no fold in web design

    Do you still feel like there is a fold in web design? Prove me wrong or leave your opinion in the comments.

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