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  • TabPress: Discontinued!

    TabPress - Free iFrame Page Tab Creator

    We are discontinuing the free TabPress Facebook Tab App as of April 1, 2012.

    If you are currently using our app, you’ll need to transition to another Facebook custom-tab creator. I recommend Static HTML — if you’re looking for an app similar to TabPress where you can simply paste code into boxes.

    And there are many, many other free iFrame apps.



    1. Awesome! I have several do-it-yourself friends who need this right now… one is my brother in law who is professional meteorologist at

      Chris… if you are reading this (and I told him to subscribe to HyperArts)… this is the solution we discussed this morning. Enjoy!

      PS- Chris… buy the multi tab template… you will look better than every other weather person on Facebook!

    2. Nice! I think I am going to use your app for our clients’ pages. Super easy. For some reason with the other apps, the custom html code gets messed up 🙁

    3. Great app – and great for a basic iframe app! I may use this from time to time.

      The biggest problem I’m having is that I’ve been building iframe apps for my clients for a while now – until this past month, I did this using the old methodology of requiring a click through image first. I’ve now converted all my clients’ apps to regular iframe using your previous “how to make an iframe app” tutorial a few weeks ago…However, there is still one BIG problem though – SSL!!

      Now that facebook allows users to connect via SSL, one has to ensure their iframe app has an SSL certificate in order for people accessing via SSL to SEE it – otherwise they see a blank page. Woah….that’s a big deal. I build robust sites that require a little bit more than just some basic html and scripts (i.e., content management sites).

      The only affordable hosting package offered by my provider that allows SSL (other than through their “eshop” offerings) is via their virtual server package. The package isn’t isn’t super expensive ($30 a month) but is still quite high for the basic mom and pop shops that make up the bulk of my clients (doctor’s offices, local restaurants, etc.) – and is a good bit more than what I’m currently paying for my own regular hosted package.

      **Money isn’t even this biggest problem with that – the biggest problem, for me anyway, is moving from a regular hosting package to a virtual server: I have **NO expertise** in managing my own server – and my clients really don’t *need* that level of hosting anyway 😉 This kind of bites!!! SERIOUSLY!!

      Glad you are offering some basic alternatives, though!

    4. Jeanne- hi… I am a regular here at “Tim’s Place” and I feel your pain. I do have my own dedicated server, but just getting a new SSL cert applied to the domain I wanted to use, then making sure JSON was enabled, etc etc…. it’s *no* fun.

      I have played around with HyperArt’s TabPress tool, and it seems like it is the perfect solution for someone like you. I have put all kinds of HTML and CSS in it… and it renders it *perfectly.*

      Try TabPress and post back to us all how it works for you, and definitely post if you have any problems with it. I know that Tim and Bill are working to improve it all the time. 🙂

      • Thanks, Ken!!

        I had not read your response before posting my 2nd reply. I did just try it….and got it to work perfectly – but not in Google Chrome (haven’t tried Firefox yet). Have you tested it in Chrome as well? Just wondering what your results were.

        The other issue I see if I used this for clients is how to explain “why” when they go to their fanpage they see the “instructions” instead of the actual iframe app they are used to seeing. Of course you and I understand, but I already see that being a headache with some of my clients 😉 I really, really need to slay the SSL dragon! Surely I’ll figure that out, lol!

        • It’s all fun 🙂

          The “instructions” comment… do you mean the TabPress instructions that they see when you installed the app/tab? I would just remind them that *they* as *admins* are the only ones who see that… just have them log out of facebook for a minute and revisit their page. All I got for you there… shouldn’t be a big deal once they get it in their head. Well.. for most of them anyway… I know… I have just a few clients who would have trouble. 🙂

          Bigger issue you are having seems to be Chrome. I actually use Chrome as my primary browser (was difficult to leave my first love FF). Chrome is just clean, simple and very FAST. 🙂

          Can you post a page/app link so I can take a look? I have had no problems w/Chrome… just IE.

    5. Oh, and wanted to add….trying to “think” out of the box, and I may be contacting you about white labeling this. After writing this, I realized “what if I put an iframe within an iframe? to get around my own SSL issue…

      And yep…that works! 😉

      One problem though – the app isn’t working in Google Chrome for me….when I installed it, I could not see the “instructions” in chrome – I could see them in IE. So I used IE to set up the app, saved it and yes I can see it in IE (needs some tweaking to size, but yes I can see it)…but still can’t see it in Chrome…..

      • Jeanne, I can’t think of why it wouldn’t work in Google Chrome. It definitely has worked for us. Maybe you weren’t logged in as an admin? Weird.

    6. ******Chrome issue resolved. Well, sort of..;-) Works fine on 2nd computer – older version of Chrome on that box and Vista. Still not working on the 1st box – latest version of Chrome (and Windows 7). BUT – it’s not JUST tabpress that isn’t working…I can’t see **any** of my facebook iframes all of a sudden in chrome on the 1st box, so obviously something wrong (on my end) – which is weird because it literally stopped working this afternoon.

      Please accept my apologies if my previous comment implied it was tabpress!!!

      • And just want to note that this issue resolved itself magically last night. Surfed around the FB forums and noticed I wasn’t the only one that had this issue. The timing of it was the odd thing – everything was fine yesterday morning, early afternoon, then I installed TabPress and then suddenly there was this bug (not related to TabPress, but coincidentally occurring at the same time). Blah!!

    7. I’m sorry but it totally destroys greek characters…can’t use it in another language than english

    8. This is an easy solution to fan-gating for me. I set an image for my non-fans to see. Can I allow the people already fans to go directly to the Wall?

    9. I’m having the same problem with this app as when I develop an iframe app from scratch, i.e. all works fine except when you view the page from mobile safari on a iphone, ipad, etc. The page simply doesn’t display on mobile safari, and when you enable the debug console, you see the error message: “Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL…..”

      Any assistance on resolving this issue in mobile safari would be greatly appreciated!

    10. A quick question with regards to the CSS. The screen-shots above showed external CSS but I would have thought that internal styling was the way to go. Is there a reason having an external style sheets in a landing page?

      • I would say that if you just have a single tab, then inlining the CSS with the <style> … </style> tag is okay.

        But if you have, say, an iframed tab that is linked to other pages within the tab, then it’s best to keep your CSS in a separate file so you only need to edit CSS in one place. Better housekeeping.

        Same if you manage more than one tab where there is a common look. Then you can reference one master stylesheet and inline styles unique to each tab.

        I like to keep the CSS and the HTML in separate files anyway, coming from the world of websites, where many pages depend on the same CSS.

    11. Thank you for this 🙂

    12. ofer ziv says:

      hi tim, great post.
      I have a question that’s not related, i hope its ok.
      im trying to set up a new app, and i can see that the fbml option is not avalible any more, so thats good news.
      but unfortunately i have a problam, and im sure i did everything the same (doubled checked it with previous iframe apps). i get this error:
      “App Temporarily Unavailable
      Parse errors:
      FBML Error (line 18): illegal tag “body” under “fb:tab-position”
      thats the link to my source file :
      can you help me?

    13. I have a client that is concerned about her information being pulled from using this app. Can you explain how this app works, and what information is passed along to hyperarts? Thanks!

      • TabPress only knows (and stores in a database) the Page ID for your Fan Page as well as the content that you enter for the “fan” and “non-fan” parts of the page. It doesn’t have access to any information about the owner of the Fan Page. Facebook doesn’t give any application access to that type of information unless you explicitly allow that access, and we are not requesting any permissions since we don’t need for what TabPress does.

    14. Can you please give me a code to embed a webpage into this application without having scroll bars? as when I embed now it shoes scroll bars and apparently you should have a code setup for that already in the app right?

      • Hello Noone. You have to make sure the width of the iframed page content does not exceed 520px. If it does, even if by 1px, you’ll get scroll bars. If it stays within that width, you won’t get scrollbars.

    15. Linking to this tomorrow morning at

    16. Hello Tim,

      Now that FBML is no longer available, the technique to hide/show DIV’s using the *clicktoshow=”div_name”* and “clicktohide=”div_name”* parameters of the [a] tag no longer works (in an iFrame page) either.

      What is the iFrame technique to achieve the same result i.e. having the content of one tab hidden and the content of a second tab shown when a user clicks on the second tab?

      Thanks…and appreciate all your help,


    17. Hi there,

      I would really like to have you take a look at our free app for inserting iframes into facebookpages. Its called iframewrapper (just search facebook for it), and we think we could help everybody who is looking into using iframes within minutes.

      Also, we will publish this week our embedded cms, so it might really be an option for you.



    18. hey tim, i was wondering if there’s away to include the share button in the page designe, like the old code?

      • oops, i ment to say “like the old fb:share code”

        • My tests show the old fb:share-button still working although Facebook is pushing for folks to use the Social Plugin Like button instead and there is not Facebook documentation for the share button.

          On this page, I have all the XFBML tags supported by Facebook. If you see them working there, then you could surmise they still work.

          I got the Share Button example on that page to work by making a background image that looks like the original FBML Share button and some CSS.

    19. Hello, i have finally found great tutorials on one place.
      One thing bothers me, when some change is done on facebook page then that page becomes “fb application”. Is that the right or wrong way to name customized fb page. Also, if i want to make a tab by myself (and not using some app for that), do i have to register my page as application to do make a new tab.

    20. Hello,

      I was working on a new app when it happened : I can’t see Iframe tabs no more, on my own pages and on the others. Very strange, no seems to be related with cache or browser.

      It has just disapeared : Infos, Pictures are ok, but my beloved iframes tabs are missing…

      When I log in with my brother’s account everyting is correct, all iFrame tabs appearing and working correctly.

      Have you already had this problem ?

      Thanks –

    21. Hi does anyone know how to make tabpress as the landing page on Facebook?

      • Edit page > Managing permissions > Default Landing Tab

        In the pulldown you’ll see the tab options.

        • thanks was looking everywhere for that! much appreciated!

        • Hi Tim, sorry but i have one more question, do you know how i can direct my users to the wall after they like my page. i currently have the landing page on tabpress, i need it to go straight to the wall after they liked the page.

    22. Hello,

      The connection with https does not allow application iframe non configured https to appear on the fan pages.
      iframe.apps allows to create an iframe without being facebook developer and avoid to purchase and configure the SSL certificate.

      The application iframe.apps ( proposes to:
      – add in an iframe tab an existing web page by simply inserting the URL
      – or create a new iframe tab with the HTML editor integrated
      (same as what was managed Static FBML)

      Your comments and remarks are welcome. They can help us evolve.
      Bruno B.

    23. @ Bruno You can always have a look at our applikation: if you want to evolve. Lots to learn from.

    24. @Hendrik
      Thanks a lot. Your application seems very interresting.
      I will test and send you back my feeling.

    25. Tim, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your fabulous info. I was able to switch my previous iframe app to my new SSL enabled server…and set up a new wordpress multi-site to host my iframe sites. Here’s an example: – that lady’s been using my app since last October, but I just got it all moved over and let her know she can go back to updating it (she’s been pretty diligent about updating her text coupon and weekly specials each week, but has had a small gap while I figured out all the SSL requirements). Thanks so much!

      • Jeanne: I don’t see anything in your tab when I have SSL enabled.

        • Jeanne: I DO see the content fine with “secure browsing (https)” enabled. 🙂

          • Weird … I do in IE8, but not Firefox 3.6 … however, in Firefox, if I click on the Specials tab and reload it, it’s fine. It just doesn’t show up initially by clicking on the link above.

    26. Thanks Tim and Jodi for testing it! Not sure what is up with Firefox. I’ll look into that! (arghh!) 🙂

    27. Sure – it was actually very easy. I just built a 520 pixel theme. Well, actually, a 500 pixel theme 🙂 Nothing fancy – in fact I used Artisteer to build the theme.

      Then, using the wonderful instructions on this blog (, I created the iframe application. To get rid of the scrollbars, I used these instructions ( For the scrollbar mod, I added the stuff that goes before the body tag in the header.php file of the theme – and the stuff that goes before the /body tag I put into the footer.php file of the theme.

      Added in some customization to the theme files (i.e, to show only the one “post” on the main page – the “text coupon” – which I built using the contact form 7 plugin) and shaved the width down on the google map iframe tags to fit.

      I actually did all the theme work 6 months ago, and had it up and running via the “old” way, but had to re-do everything once FB made changes to how iframes would be rendered if not hosted on a site with SSL (i.e., blank page). Lots of scratching my head later, got a new hosting account with hostgator – business package is cheap and comes with 1 dedicated IP and SSL. Found out (the hard way, lol, but I recovered) that sub-directories can inherit the SSL from the primary domain/account: sub-domains can NOT. So I figured if I want to do this for “many” clients, I’d install wordpress as a multisite so themes can be reused easily, less installs, etc. – but do NOT install it as sub-domain, unless you want to spend lots of $$ on SSL 🙂 Installing it as sub-directory seems to work though.

      I’m no wiz designer – just self taught wordpress over the last 6-12 months or so through lots of trial, error and tons of scouring on the net (how I found the gold mine here at hyperarts)… I’m actually a bored housewife reinventing myself! I’ve got a website ( if you want to contact me for more info (and like many designers, I never touch it and it really needs updating – built it about a week after discovering wordpress a year ago). Working on another site where I’m thinking about putting up 520 theme templates 🙂

      • Thank you so much! Your website is really good. I may take you up on the offer and e-mail you if I have questions. And I’ll return the favor if there’s anything I can help you with!

    28. Hi – I added this app to our company page last week, then I waffled on whether I wanted to use it or not. Decided to wait, deleted the app and now, of course, I want to use it. When I try to add it to my page, I’m not given any options in the pop up window to add it to. Is there a way to fix this so I can add it again?

      • If the page to which you want to add TabPress isn’t listed in the popup for “Add to my Page”, then it’s either already added or you’re not logged in as the admin of that page.

        You might go, on your page, to: Edit page > Apps

        and see if it’s listed there and check its settings.

    29. Easy like a Sunday morning. Thank you!

    30. matthew says:

      Hi I’m using the TabPress app would anyone be able to guide me how to change the name of the Tab from Welcome? Thanks a lot for you help

      • Matthew, You change it in your page edit screen:

        Edit page > Apps > (locate the TabPress app) > Edit settings

        Just change the name and click “Save” and then click “OK”. You can use up to 35 characters for the name.

    31. If I want to add more than one “tab” to our page, do I need to also install another app such as Zingtabs, or is there a way to do this with TabPress? (Our page is for fundraising event this May and will be removed afterwards. We do not anticipate having more than a few hundred “Likes.”

      • Hi Glenn, Yes, you can either add another, different, iFrame app, or you could consider using our multi-subtab navigation template, to have your one custom tab do the work of 4.

        It’s unfortunately that apps can only be added to pages once, although it does make sense, just not for these custom-tab apps.

        • Thanks, Tim. I’m not an expert, but will try this and see if it works. I also left a comment (along with code) yesterday regarding fitting the webapge to the iframe without scroll bars and it not working. Did you happen to see that and can you offer any assistance? Thank you very much!


    32. Just tried TabPress for construction of a fan gate on
      Preview is OK and shows different content for fans and non fans.
      But on the real FB page the wall is shown, also for non fans.

      What’s going wrong ? I’m working on Mac with Chrome/safari

      • You need to set your Default Landing Tab in the Page Admin area:

        Edit page > Manage permissions > Default Landing Tab.

        You can only set the default tab for non-fans. Page admins and fans will always go to the Wall by default and this can’t be changed.

        • I must say, I love how fast you respond to people’s inquiries! I wish all support/forums were like that 🙂

        • Sorry but I don’t see the option “Default Landing Tab” under Manage permission. Seems to be gone ?

    33. Hi Thanks a lot for this forum, it’s great and the application is very easy to use. I have just one question. Can put a link within the application that when clicked by the user opens another window (rather than opening the page within the iframe)? Would really appreciate some guidance as I’m new to iframes.


    34. can i ask if the tag for displaying visitor’s name still works in this iframe? just wanna know. thanks.

    35. ‘APP_ID’,
      ‘secret’ => ‘APP_SECRET’,
      ‘cookie’ => true,

      $session = $facebook->getSession();

      $me = null;
      // Session based API call.
      if ($session) {
      try {
      $uid = $facebook->getUser();
      $me = $facebook->api(‘/me’);
      } catch (FacebookApiException $e) {

      // login or logout url will be needed depending on current user state.
      if ($me) {
      $logoutUrl = $facebook->getLogoutUrl();
      } else {
      $loginUrl = $facebook->getLoginUrl();

      test full name and photo

      window.fbAsyncInit = function() {
      appId : ‘getAppId(); ?>’,
      session : , // don’t refetch the session when PHP already has it
      status : true, // check login status
      cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access the session
      xfbml : true // parse XFBML

      // whenever the user logs in, we refresh the page
      FB.Event.subscribe(‘auth.login’, function() {

      (function() {
      var e = document.createElement(‘script’);
      e.src = document.location.protocol + ‘//’;
      e.async = true;

      <a href="”>

      Using JavaScript & XFBML:

      <img id="image" src="” />


      uhm…will this codes work?

    36. Hi
      I’m trying to use your application. After entering and saving the contents, a message appears to inform the webpage was canceled!
      Anyone have any idea what might be?

      • I haven’t seen that, Bruno. So it says, exactly “The Webpage was canceled”?

        • It says in Portuguese… something like “The navigation for the web page was canceled. You can try: input again the adress”
          Maybe I’m not input the code correctly?

    37. hello all,
      this prob seems like a silly question…
      i love the idea of iframes tab with 4 tabs in the one app… a mini website. however, after i loaded the free app, it only has the 2 boxes for non fan and fan content. where are the other 3 pages? do i need to buy the other 3 pages, or should they be within the one free app?

    38. Hi. I’ve just set up the FB page, everything is fine in all browsers tested, but in IE8 none of the Tabpress content shows unless I refresh the page two or three times. Very strange. Can you help? Thanks in advance.

      • Hi Pia,

        We have not received any other reports of that happening in IE8. Could you provide a link to your Fan Page so that we can take a look?

        Bill Dailey, HyperArts

    39. Hi there,
      first of all: love your app, thanks a lot !
      Unfortunately I have experienced a little font issue with the page of one of my clients
      When I preview the content the font looks fine, but the live version is in some ugly Times New Roman or something.
      I tried to put in a HTML Arial code but that didn’t change anything either. Any ideas ?
      Thanks in advance, Sarah

      • Hi Sarah,

        Are you using in-line styles or calling your styles from an externally hosted stylesheet?

        If you want to send me your code, I could try and figure out what might be going wrong. My email: jason [at]

    40. Hi Bill. It seems to have been a problem with Facebook as it did it continuously for two days and then never did it again. I didn’t change anything in my own IE8 and PC’s configuration and had several other people check it from their own computers with the same result. It’s been fine and working great ever since! 🙂 Thanks!

    41. I added Tabpress to my Facebook page and I have tested it with several Facebook accounts that have NOT liked my page. And every time I have tested it I have not seen the ‘non-fan’ content. It always goes straight to the wall.

      As was suggested by timware on this page, I entered this into the fan content box:

      <script type="text/javascript">
      if (top != self) top.window.location = '';

      Is there something I am missing??

      • Hi Steve,

        By default, all visitors (fans and non-fans) go to the Wall. You can change it so that non-fans go to the TabPress application by clicking Edit Page button on your Fan Page, and then changing the value in the pull-down next to “Default Landing Tab” to say “Welcome.”


    42. If I want to include a form tag in the non-fan box (for example, to gather an email address from them), would I simply need to use a form tag that remotely calls the form script on my web server?

      • Hi Steve,

        You could use a standard form to collect emails, but it would take you away from TabPress when you post it, or if you are familiar with a Javascript library like jQuery, you could post the form in the background and then display a confirmation message.


    43. Are you sure that there’s No more activation image requirements for video and Flash?? I dont want any problem 😉

      • Activation images were a property of FBML. With iFrames, it’s possible to embed audio or video and have it autoplay without a user action.

        HOWEVER, Section 1.7.a. of Facebook Platform Policies states:

        “Special provisions for apps on Pages: Apps on Pages must not host media that plays automatically without a user’s interaction.”

        • That means that i can run my flash page without any activation images, Cool!

          To avoid autoplaying should i create an intro page inside the flash page? I need to know that because i have an slideshow inside of my flash page.

          • You can set whether or not your Flash file autoplays in the file settings. You can also set it in the embed code itself: autoplay=1 (autoplays) or autoplay=0 (doesn’t autoplay).

    44. In iFrames using Hyperarts. I want those who click the “Like” button to go straight to the wall. Right now they go to the nice picture I have created again. Here is the code for the top “nonfan” box, no idea what should go in the fan box. Help:

      the fb site is:

    45. I have hosted my picture on photobucket and am trying to add the cody…it is not working. Do you know what I am doing wrong?

    46. Need help. I have uploaded my fanpage I want to photo bucket and when I add the code to code you have provided it gives a message saying ‘Navagation to the website was cancelled’
      This is the code I used..what have I done wrong?

    47. oh..when I added all the code it turned it into this link…so you can’t see all my code 🙁

      • Gayle, Did you read the bold red text about putting <code> … </code> tags around your code? If you don’t do that, your code won’t render in your comment.

        However, you sent your code via email and it shows:

        <body> </body>

        That’s not how you code in an image. You need to do some reading on HTML coding if you’re going to use TabPress! Try W3 Schools.

        Your code should look like this to bring in an image:

        <img src=”” />

    48. Is there any way to use TabPress in a way that it is the only page users can see until they like the page, ie, they can’t see the wall until they click like? The App is really useful. Many thanks

    49. Thanks Tim, you guys do an awesome job, I really like your stuff.
      I know you have covered this, but I did just want to be sure I understand…
      “When your custom tab loads, your video or photo gallery can autoplay if it’s set to do that.”Is a user interaction required for a slideshow to begin?
      And what about a Flash banner?
      Thanks again.

    50. Hi, great app, makes it so much easier. Just a quick question, It works fine that when someone clicks on the page it displays my ‘non fans content’ page but when the user clicks on ‘like’ it redirects them to the ‘wall’ rarther than the ‘fan content’ page I created. Am i doing something wrong or is there any way to get around this? Cheers

    51. How do you view results after someone has surveyed in a facebook page? Thanks!

    52. Gcashloans says:

      how many tabpress can i put in a specific page

    53. Great App, works like a charm for me. I’ll be thinking about the multi tab version

    54. I’m trying to remove scrollbars but the app isn’t showing up on facebook developers section. Anyone else have this bug?

    55. Non-english says:

      Useless app, cannot work with non-english characters… 

    56. saan ko matatagpuan ang Fbml

    57. is online backup safe

      I dont recall iframe being still feasible in designing websites.

    58. Karen Leslie says:

      I keep hearing that SSL certificates will be needed on certain facebook pages from October 1st. Will SSL certificates be needed for facebook pages that use tabpress? As far as I’m aware everything is kept within facebook so I don’t see why SSL is needed.

      Thanks for your help,

      • No, Karen. TabPress is already securely hosted under HTTPS with its own security certificate.
        The secure hosting requirement is for application canvas pages and custom iframe page tabs created from scratch.
        Nothing to worry about.


    59. Can I make a paypal donation button show up on the left, or must it be the “Welcome?”

    60. Anyone know of a good shoutcast stream player to embed on the fan content section?

    61. Janine Sale says:

      Tim, I really need your assistance here. Need to make major changes to a page I am now managing. Cheers

    62. Janine, If you need help with your custom tab, we offer this service, either hourly consulting or project based. Just use our contact form to get in touch.

    63. Everytime I hit “save” and go to preview, there’s nothing there. Just blank space. Also, when I hit “save” all my hard work that I put in the boxes just disappears. Quite annoying.

      • It’s hard to know what’s happening there, Bryan. We’ve not had a report about this. My advice is to save your hard work to a text file, then copy and paste it into the TabPress fields.
        But as I said, I’m have no idea why that would be happening.

    64. Anonymous says:

      Nice app.  I created a non fan welcome (like us) page and a reveal page with an offer.   It worked perfectly.  Non fans “liked” us and the reveal page with an offer showed. The offer was good for a week so I had to take that part down.  I deleted the code in the second box.  Non fans still saw the “like us” page BUT when they liked us it didn’t go to the Wall  but back to the “like” us page again.  Any thoughts on what is going on?  I want it to show the Wall after they “like” us.

    65. I agree, this is a great app. I was wondering if this bug has been fixed? When I’m a visitor, I can see the custom landing page. But if I’m a fan, it takes me straight to the wall.

      • Yes, Julianne, it was a Facebook bug and it’s been fixed. The reason your fans go straight to the Wall is because you can only set a tab other than the Wall for non-fans; fans will always default to the Wall. Facebook wants it that way because once someone becomes a fan, social engagement happens on the Wall, not on custom promotional tabs.
        Facebook is getting rid of the Discussions tab for the same reason … to encourage users to use the Wall for conversation.

    66. Hi,

      Is it possible to show a specific set of tab based on the language used by the visitor?

      Thank you!

    67. I don’t think so. Pretty sure it can’t be done. You might be able to hide or show content on a custom tab based on language, but we’ve not done that.

    68. Amanda Hooper says:

      Hi – I’m adding this iFrame app and I have a question. also, I don’t know much about HTML code or computer programming or anything, so layman’s terms would be good… 
      Anyway, I put in my welcome content for non-fans, but if I want fans to just go to the wall how do I set that up? I don’t want fans to come to any welcome page, I just want them to go to the wall. 

    69. You specify your default landing tab in your Page admin area (the “Edit Page” button in the top right corner of your Page when on your Wall tab).
      You should see “Manage Permissions” in the left column when in the editing area. Click that and you should see “Default Landing Tab” in the main area. Just set it to “Wall”.
      I’ve heard lots of reports from users who don’t see this option. If you don’t, it’s a Facebook bug.

    70. Hi Tim! Awesome app! I just installed yesterday and works great! Just like Charlie, same thing. I’m hoping that when non fans click like they get taken to the fan content then click on the pic to redirect them to the wall. Is this possible? 😀

    71. The install seems to not be working. When I click the link that says CLICK HERE, it just opens a new tab that is the exact same page. The “Add to my Page” link never appears. I’ve installed this several times before with no problem, can someone look into this please?

    72. I got the app to work with an image on a non-SSL server. (There was a mixed security content message in the IE browser.)
      Everything worked well for a time, then at some point only half an image showed up when I reached the nonfan tab.
      I recopied the code > hit Save > and got this message : 
      “Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2)” 
      The code has disappeared and of course no picture shows up. Every time I recopy the code the same thing happens (even after computer restart).
      Here is the code I am using:

      FOR NON FANSFOR FANSif (top != self) top.window.location = ‘’;

    73. Having  an image on a non-SSL server, how can I prevent a mixed security content message appearing in the IE browser. 

    74. You’ll have to host the image on a secure server.

    75. snowythedog says:

      Hi guys
      Great app – good fun to install – works well
      At present the icon for our welcome page is your logo (the orange and green right angles) – is there a way to change and personalize this or does it need to stay for proprietary reasons?

    76. You’d have to purchase our TabPress White Label to customize the icon and other elements of the app:

    77. Jeremy Mustard says:

      Do you know if you can use the multitab solution in HTML static?  I am having no luck.  have you also discontinued the whitelabel?  I can’t find it on your site. 

      • The White Label is still available.

        The multi-tab template should work fine in Static HTML. You just have to check to make sure the URLs are absolute instead of relative.

    78. So sorry to see you go! Received notification that we need to remove TabPress from our page before April 7, 2012, but no instructions on how to remove it. Can you please advise?

      • Just make sure you’ve copied all the content you’ve input into the app and save it locally. Then just delete the app from your account and add a new app with similar functionality, like Static HTML.


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      On Facebook Pages, you can’t create custom backgrounds like you can on Myspace. You may be thinking about custom Fan Page Tabs instead. There are a ton of Facebook Apps you can add as Page Tabs but, for full customization, you now need to add an iFram…

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    4. […] (find a balance of how many per day/week), and now it’s time to customize your page. Use Tab Press to create a landing page. Mine references The Big Lebowski. Import a Flickr tab through involver. […]

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