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  • News Feed Optimization and Effective Facebook Posting

    You may or may not have heard of NFO. It’s similar to SEO, but specific to Facebook. “News Feed Optimization” refers to the strategy for posting content on your Facebook Page, with the goal of having it show up frequently in your fans’ news feeds. While similar to the principles behind Google’s search engine, Facebook’s news feed takes into account several different factors based on your fans, their friends, their interests and more. Or in their words, “affinity, edge, and decay.”

    These three factors are part of “EdgeRank” the algorithm revealed by Facebook at their developers conference f8, in April 2010. Digital marketer Chris Sietsema blogs here about these three important pieces that together will determine the visibility of your content on Facebook.

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    Other Facebook experts and social media marketers have offered insight into the mystery of the newsfeed. But if Facebook is the master behind the scenes controlling your content, how can YOU shape your content to be as appealing and visible as possible? Here are some suggestions I have found useful from various blogs and websites:

    The HyperArts fan page is where we offer advice and DIY tutorials for enhancing your social web presence, especially with Facebook applications like FBML. Our community has grown over the past year and we have seen our fans engage with us and each other with greater frequency in the past 6 months. When we post to the Wall, it is rarely with a grand “strategy” or scheme in mind. We post when we have something important to say (“Facebook applications are not working!”) and when we have a solution to known problems (“Try this fix for shrinking images in FBML…”). We also like to give stuff away on our page, from information and answers to individual questions, to prizes and free products.

    But beyond what you say, there is an art to how you say it, and how you craft each individual post. Blogger Dan Zarella has some suggestions for the words you use on Facebook, if you want to get really picky.

    These are my personal tips for effective Facebook posts:

    • Don’t be harsh, rude, controversial or angry, unless you are intentionally inviting any possible response. You might offend people, but you also might please them, so be ready for both.
    • Ask a question with your post if possible, it will encourage responses more than a statement would.
    • Tag your friends or pages that you like in your comments. Simply precede a name with the @ symbol and if you are a fan or friend of that person, Facebook turns their name into a link. And your post will show up on their page!
    • Add an image or link to your wall posts when possible and appropriate. If you simply post text, your wall post will also become your status update. And an image will catch a reader’s eye when scrolling through the posts on your wall, while text alone can blend and disappear.
    • Make sure you are willing to monitor responses to each post that you publish. If your page becomes a 1-way broadcast, rather than a multi-directional conversation, you will lose fans quickly.

    In the end, you have to determine this #1 important factor for yourself: what does your audience want to hear? Did they become fans of your page because you promised them something fro free once? Then you might not ever see or hear from them again, after they get their free prize. But if they became a fan expecting to hear from you, it’s wise to give them what they want…YOU! No matter how many tips and tricks you study and learn, you will need to find your own special brand of personality and valuable content to deliver with flair on your page.

    If you are interested in talking to us about strategy for your Facebook page, and making the most of your wall posts, contact me at (510) 339-6084. Read what other people have said about the effectiveness of our consulting services:


    1. HI! we love your tutorials! I have a question, is there a way to insert your fan page WALL post into a custom fbml tab? using fb:wall?

      • Hey! And we LOVE your website. I’ve shown it around for a couple months as an example of a really nice and innovative design. It’d be great to do something with you folks, though I don’t know what. Any ideas?

        Re your questions, alas, the answer is No, at least as far as I know. Sorry 🙁

        • ahh.. too bad. Thank you! Yeh we can def do something together in the future. Cant think of anything at the moment. 1 more question, do you know if it possible to input the facebook picture gallery into the fbml tab? or at lease import a photo slide show that pulls the images frjavascript:document.tcommentform.submit();om the fb gallery. sorry for bothering..

    2. I can’t believe that this legendary post has only 3 comments. This shaped my view on entire Facebook marketing through free resources like Fanpages.

      Great work!


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