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  • New Facebook Wall Insights Calculate Your Reach

    Page Admins may have noticed some new insights on recent Wall posts in the past week. Mine just showed up today:


    Underneath the post, Facebook now tells me the number of impressions and % feedback I have received on my content. The impressions not only include the people who see my post on MY Page, but also the number of impressions from news feeds and profiles.

    Percent Feedback

    The % feedback is calculated, presumably, by the number of comments or “likes” my post has received compared to how many people have seen the post. So, if you have less of a reach (less impressions) but more reactions (more likes and comments), you will probably see a higher percentage of feedback on your posts.


    This is a nice way to quickly see (and understand, if you didn’t before) how powerful a Wall post can be, if you have a large fan base. Your “reach” can be much greater than the # of fans your Page has, since your friends and their friends see interactions in news feeds and on profiles without even visiting your page. That’s your brand name being seen by many eyeballs.

    In addition, the amount of feedback that you post receives will increase the likelihood that your post will show up in someone’s news feed. Read more about Facebook’s algorithm for relevance and news feed optimization.

    All Facebook posted about this, stating that the feature is only available to “smaller pages.” I could not find any official announcement of this new feature, so if you have any info about this, please post in the comments of this post.

    None of my older posts have these insights, so it must be something that Facebook only just started calculating.


    Thanks to a note on our Facebook Wall, I found an official announcement of these updates by Facebook here.

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