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  • Facebook Like Button Redirects User to Wall After Liking – Bug?

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    Update: My bug report on this issue has been “assigned” and Facebook is checking into it. So it does definitely appear to be a bug and not Facebook’s new way of handling Likes.

    I’ve seen numerous reports of this happening since last Thursday, Feb 10, when Facebook announced the new layout and features for fan pages.

    When visitors to a Fan Page click the Like Button, they are then redirected to the page’s Wall, rather than remaining on the tab.

    Impact on Reveal / Fan-gated / Fans-only Content Tabs

    Obviously, folks who utilize the popular FBML tag for Reveal Tabs (fb:visible-to-connection) are very unhappy about this. Prior to last Thursday’s upgrade (or, um, mostly-up grade), Reveal tabs were working fine.

    Why no bug report?

    I searched Facebook’s Bugzilla site, where bugs in Facebook’s platform can be documented and searched, and I couldn’t find an existing bug report. Either I just didn’t look hard enough OR everyone assumes this change to be part of Facebook’s new way of handling the Like button.

    So today I opened a bug report on the Like button redirecting to the Wall. It’s bug #15226.

    It appears Facebook’s Intent is to keep the visitor on the tab

    In reviewing the coding used for the Like button (using the Firefox browser and the indispensable Firebug tool), it appears to me that the redirect to the Wall is a bug, and that Facebook hasn’t intentionally changed how the Like button functions.

    When I checked the linking code for the Like buttons that DON’T REDIRECT to the Wall, I saw this:

    <a href="#" ajaxify="/ajax/pages/fan_status.php?fbpage_id=115434098510&add=1&reload=1&preserve_tab=1&use_primer=1">

    (The “fbpage_id” value is just an example.)

    When I checked the linking code for the Like buttons that DO REDIRECT to the Wall, I saw this:

    <input id="u451436_1" type="button" onclick="return fbpage_set_fan_status(this, "286426934837", 1, 1, null, null, {"preserve_tab":true})" value="Like">

    (Again, the numeric values are just examples.)

    As you’ll notice, the code that I believe is buggy has {“preserve_tab”:true}, similar to the preserve_tab=1 in the code that doesn’t redirect.

    The broken code should look like this (properly nested quotes, single quotes nested in double quotes):

    <input id="u451436_1" type="button" onclick="return fbpage_set_fan_status(this, '286426934837', 1, 1, null, null, {'preserve_tab':true})" value="Like">

    Thus, it does look like Facebook has some broken code there and that, once fixed, should get the Like buttons working properly again, keeping users on the same tab they were on when they clicked “Like”.

    Workarounds for this bug

    Although my advice would be not to panic, but just sit tight until this is addressed, others have suggested workarounds, such as adding an FBML/XFBML Like button to your tab’s page, although this is a poor second as clicking this Like button doesn’t refresh the tab to show the Fan content; the Page has to be manually reloaded.

    If you have any additional insights or information, please feel free to comment.


    1. Thanks for the post. I’ve been wondering about that as well. Also, I’ve noticed that the new Iframe tabs aren’t visible to people who aren’t logged in to Facebook. Do yo know if that’s a bug as well?

    2. Thanks for taking the initiative to report the now common bug. Although it is important to point our that it is not happening to all pages, I have a demonstration reveal tab here that works properly, and I have noticed all the clients pages I have done all to be working also.

      It is a possibility the coding used all together for the reveal may be written differently from others, also that I am located in Australia. If they are factors or not I don’t know. But thanks for the heads up I will be following your further posts on this matter closely for a resolve for all the people who are having problems.


      • The coding difference between the Like Buttons that “work” (don’t redirect to Wall) and those that don’t work, is in the button at the top of the page, next to the page name. So it’s independent of any coding on the tabs themselves. We’ll just have to wait and see what my recent bug report engenders.

    3. Thanks, I have been getting a bit frustrated by this. How long do Facebook usually take to sort a bug like this out?

      Also I have noticed that some reveal images can be viewed as either squashed or stretched. All the same code in the FBML tabs. Has anyone else experienced this problem.

      What we did to rectify it was to do a number of the same tab and usually tab 3 or 4 were ok, where the others would be either stretched or squashed.

      Any news here?

    4. Thanks for the tip on this. We’ve updated the iframe and wall bug post ( with the following information

      Update: We’ve received word of another bug impacting Pages that have accepted the redesign. When non-fans click the Like button, they are redirected to the Page’s wall instead of remaining on the same tab they were viewing.

      This disrupts a Page’s ability to require users to click Like in order to access certain content or functionality. Tim Ware, who tipped us about this bug, looked at Facebook’s code and determined this wasn’t intentional. Facebook has changed the status of the bug to “ASSIGNED”, so developers and Page admins may soon be restored the ability to effectively use Like-gated Page tab apps.

      • Hey Josh, Thanks for the shoutout on Inside Facebook! And I’m relieved to see the bug’s been assigned and they’re looking into it. What’s weird was that so many were complaining about this, I just assumed it’d been reported. There’s a lesson buried in there ….

    5. Let me be the first to report to report the bug has been fixed on my page I use FBML and now the reveal page no longer redirects to the wall once the user clicks the Like button. Feel free to verify. Thanks Tim for submitting the bug!

    6. Hi, I have a question about FBML code, maybe you can help me 🙂
      What is the code, which after pressing “like” button redirect costumer straight to the Wall page, like in this fan page
      Thanks 🙂

    7. Any idea how to keep this functionality, (revealing a new message on the tabe after clicking like) using the new iframe functionality? Assuming Facebook will kill FBML eventually, how can the FB: visible to connection call be duplicated with the iframe?

      • Hi Chantielle, Yes this functionality can be replicated with the new iFrames-capable Page tabs, utilizing the iFrame canvas app and PHP and the “signed_request” parameter. We’ll soon have an article on our blog about how to do this. Stay tuned!

    8. I have made custom tabs using the fbml app – and I would like to have a script that redirect people that press “Like” on my welcome page to the wall – can anyone help me how to do that?

      • Not even sure why you’d want to do that, but you can’t really do it anyway. You *might* be able to have an http redirect in a iframe page and have it load in the parent page.

    9. Hi there!

      I’m looking for some simple instructions on how to redirect a user to an offers page once they like.
      Can anyone help?

    10. Weird. The bug has been assigned for 5 months now and the problem still happens. Is there any idea to avoid redirecting users to my Page wall?

      • Martin Fearn says:

        Hi Hard, the bug was fixed, with Facebook’s latest code release it appears  to be broken again.  The bug report that Stacey has posted was submitted this week and Daniel from Facebook has acknowledged it.  Hopefully they will get it sorted soon and our pages will work properly again.

    11. I’m noticing this is still a problem as well…any hope for us?

    12. This bug seems to have reappeared.  I’ve been successfully deploying reveal tabs since Feb but all my client sites are not working as of Friday.  I found this bug report:  ::fingers crossed:: it isn’t a change in functionality and indeed only a bug. Any thoughts on this?

    13. This has started happening the past few days for me.

    14. Mrrocky314 says:

      Same here even I am facing this bugs again

    15. This is a really annoying bug. 

      Hope it will be corrected soon.

    16. Ok I have a small-big problem. I’d like to do a ‘simple’ thing that looks so hard at the very moment: a) Fan goes on my page (and see the default tab I set up) b) he clicks ‘like’ c) He’s redirected to the wall. I had an app that worked this way but it doesn’t anymore. Anyone can help?

    17. I’m seeing this bug again … has this still not been resolved?  The crazy thing is, I could have sworn my reveal tabs were all working well until the last day or so.  So it was like it was fixed and now it’s messed up again.  Just wanted to see if others still have this problem.

    18. Hi everyone, did this bug ever get resolved? I just followed the Hyperarts tutorial to create a reveal tab for my page, which would work great except that clicking the reveal tab sends you straight to the wall–and away from the user-only content. Seems like other pages (one user pointed to Pepsi) have successfully gotten around it. Just wondering how!

    19. Justin, We’re not sure what’s happening with this. The reports of it happening are much fewer, but we’re still seeing them. It’s definitely on Facebook’s side. I couldn’t find a recent bug report for the issue and the one that had been lodged has been marked as “resolved”…..


    1. […] or functionality. Tim Ware, who tipped us about this bug, looked at Facebook’s code and determined this wasn’t intentional. Facebook has changed the status of the bug to “ASSIGNED”, so developers and Page […]