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  • Tactus Rolls Out Phorm – WordPress Site by HyperArts!

    We were excited this morning to help Tactus, a Northern California technology company, roll out their first product, called Phorm.

    It arrives this summer for all three generations of Apple’s iPad Mini. Tactus is planning several iOS device accessories from Tactus Technology that will add the tactile feedback of traditional keyboards to touchscreen devices.

    Tactus Phorm

    Tactus Responsive WordPress Website Built by HyperArts

    HyperArts was proud to design and develop Tactus’s responsive WordPress website a couple years ago and we were fortunate at that time to get a sneak preview of their amazing tactile technology.

    We couldn’t believe what we saw. A 3D keyboard magically emerging from a device’s screen. Very cool.

    It appears that Tactus Phorm has the technosphere and Mac folks buzzing. There are posts about Phorm on Apple Insider, Mac Rumors, and other Mac-oriented and tech sites like TechCrunch.

    Tactus Logo Designed by HyperArts

    Tactus LogoHyperArts also design the Tactus logo, utilizing the amazing skills of our Senior Designer Dan Stiles.

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