About Us

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Since 1998, HyperArts, located in Oakland, in the San Francisco Bay Area, has been designing and developing quality websites for businesses, non-profits and educational institutions. Our preferred development platform is the WordPress Content Management system, creating websites with a high level of sophistication and functionality. We also offer graphic design and SEO services to our WordPress clients, as well as ongoing maintenance of their WordPress websites.

Cultivating Long-Term Client Relationships

Where some agencies don’t wish to be bothered by the ongoing needs of clients, we at HyperArts have always preferred to develop a long-term relationship, providing support, assistance and services to our clients on an as-needed basis. Such organizations large and small — from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to the Public Health Institute to Novetta — have benefitted from our ongoing work long after our initial engagement.

Keeping up with Emerging Web Trends

The technology of the Web has expanded dramatically from its beginnings with HTML. As each new development emerges — CSS, HTML versions, jQuery, Responsive Web Design — we have mastered and led the way with those developments. These days, it’s all about CMS-driven responsive websites. But the Web will continue to evolve and HyperArts will evolve with it.

The Benefits of Working with Hyperarts

When businesses seek Web development services, they find there are two basic options as to who provides these services: 1) an established Web development business or 2) a solo developer working on his/her own.

Although the solo developer option may be cheaper, the risks are higher. The solo developer may become ill, overwhelmed with work, or simply decide to take a long vacation or change careers. Then you, the client, are left high and dry!

On the other hand, a reputable business will be around when you need them, and have systems in place to deal with contingencies that might knock your project off schedule. And a business — particularly one in business for many years — will want to make sure their clients are satisfied. For a business, reputation is everything!

Our Staff is Located in the USA

All HyperArts staff reside in the USA, most of them in the San Francisco Bay Area. Although labor is far cheaper in India or the Philippines, we feel that there is a strong cultural context to Web development and have found there is more clarity and less confusion when working with folks right here in the USA.