WordPress Support and Maintenance

Keeping Your WordPress Website
Updated, Backed-up and Secure

WordPress, like other Content Management Systems, requires regular updating, both the WordPress core installation itself and the plugins, to keep your site secure. Equally important is having your site backed up every time there is a change to its content, as well as monitoring your site for security breaches and uptime.

An Updated Website is a Secure Website

WordPress regularly — sometimes several times a month — publishes updates to its core installation. Some of these are just to fix bugs and add features, but many of them are to address security vulnerabilities that arise. This is why it's crucial that you keep your site updated.

You also don't want to do your updating on your live site. There will be occasions when a plugin update is not compatible with the WordPress core, or vice versa. We always build a site that mirrors your live site (a "staging" site) where all updates are tested before being implemented on your live site.

Our Standard Monthly Plan

Your WordPress website is not a one-off thing. Your site requires "care and feeding" to keep it running smoothly, backed-up and secure. Our monthly service plan offers:

  • Real-time Backup: Your site is backed up as changes are made in real time. Every time someone comments, or any content is added or changed, the backup is updated. Should your site go down for any reason due to a security breach or database corruption, we can restore it to its last healthy state;
  • Security Monitoring: Your site is always monitored for security threats. If such threats are detected, HyperArts is notified and we quickly address the security issue.
  • Monthly Update of WordPress Installation and Plugins: All plugins and your WordPress core installation are updated with each new release for security purposes. In the event of a WordPress update causing a plugin to not function properly, HyperArts will roll back to the previous WordPress version and apprise you of the issue.
  • Site Monitoring: If your site should for some reason go offline, you and HyperArts will be immediately notified of this. You will also be notified when your website is back online.

Ongoing, As-needed WordPress Maintenance Work

Since 1998 when HyperArts began developing websites, our goals is not only to design and develop our clients' websites, but to be available for enhancements and additions to the site when the need arises. As a top San Francisco Bay Area WordPress agency, we can be considered your virtual in-house webmasters, always there to keep your website current with your evolving business or organizational needs.