Web Application Development

Unique Applications Built On WordPress

We have created dashboards, specialized interactive search tools, reporting tools, data collection portals, and automated programs that integrate WordPress content with external resources such as SalesForce, Box, Thomson Reuters, payment gateways, and proprietary third-party databases.

We Understand the Web

Modern web applications do not work in isolation. In the Internet of things (IoT), it is important to be able to integrate information from multiple sources, and to be able to transform that information into useful and actionable insights. For industries such as medical services, sales, and scientific research, the open internet has provided a revolutionary platform for growth.

Leveraging the Power of WordPress

The WordPress CMS is a powerful and flexible platform that has the ability to store content and data together. Its open architecture makes it easy to add pages and tools that integrate, collect, and display data from multiple sources. The platform has a familiar and highly customizable back end, tested user accounts management, and a large ecosystem of support, not to mention a vast library of open-source and inexpensive tools to add functionality to your custom project.

Integrate with WordPress

HyperArts has done integrations with various types of systems:

  • Front-end development with JavaScript libraries and AJAX
  • Interaction with Salesforce, Box, Thompson/Reuters using REST, SOAP, LDAP, and OAuth
  • Uploading and importing of data in CSV format
  • Specialized WordPress search tools
  • Google Map customization