Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Our WordPress Clients

Are you getting beat out by your competitors on Google? We offer SEO consulting services, including full SEO audits, to understanding why your site isn’t ranking well, and setup, review and maintenance of your Google Adwords campaigns, with the goal of reducing cost and increasing click-throughs (CTR).

SEO Consulting

We offer phone consultation regarding SEO issues on an hourly basis. We can clarify issues that come up due to a site re-design, answer questions about various SEO myths and legends, suggest strategies for optimizing your website, and address emergencies such as a sudden drop in ranking.

SEO Audits — Analyzing & Assessing Your Website’s SEO

An SEO Audit is the first step in improving your website’s SEO. We research your keywords, review your website’s coding, directory and file-naming structure, and content — to assess the correct approach for maximizing your website’s search engine rankings. Our detailed reports provide the information your team needs to make the necessary changes, and we provide phone support to answer any questions that might come up in the course of implementing our recommendations.

Our SEO Process

Beginning with keyword research, we make sure your website is built for optimum Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our SEO phase results in a Content Map, a spreadsheet that assigns the appropriate — and most commonly searched terms — to each page of your new website, ensuring that your site conveys the topic of each page clearly via your high-value keywords, the cornerstone of SEO best practices.