WordPress Website Development Services

Strategy & Discovery

Every successful website project starts with a solid plan.  During the discovery phase, we work with you to find exactly what you need on your website and how we can efficiently deliver it.  The graphic below illustrates our website development process from Discovery to Launch.

Your project is overseen by our Project Manager who is your single point of contact during the lifetime of the project.

Our process ensures that your project is conducted in an orderly and efficient manner to come in on time and on budget.

Website and Logo Design

We’ll create a custom design for your website to showcase your products or services.

Our design team will work with you to create a custom look for your website or application. If you need a new logo, we can work with you to define a brand identity and then use that as the foundation for your web project and other marketing efforts.

We have developed a streamlined design process that begins with the Discovery Questionnaire. Once you have given us information about your design tastes, we work with you to create a content hierarchy to help us identify the most important message for each page. Finally, we create a beautiful modern design perfect for your organization.

WordPress Development

Our focus is on WordPress website design, programming, and development. We create elegant and professional websites with an emphasis on usability. We work with non-profits large and small, as well as businesses and educational institutions.

Your HyperArts-built website will look and work great on all platforms and viewing devices, from laptop and desktop computers to tablets and phones.


We have extensive knowledge of working with various WordPress plugins.  When the requirements of your website fall outside what’s available with existing WordPress plugins, we can develop a custom plugin or application specific to your requirements.

Our WordPress Programming Services include:

  • Custom WordPress themes
  • Custom WordPress plugins to extend features and functionality
  • API integrations with various systems
  • E-Commerce solutions
  • Consulting and training
  • WordPress Care Packages (Backup and Updating Services)
Copywriting Services

We often find that our clients struggle with getting the content for their websites out of their heads and onto their website. This service saves you time and allows you to leverage our knowledge about what types of copy that work best on the web.

HyperArts uses a refined interview process to facilitate a guided conversation with you to discover what content is important for your message, and how to best organize that information on your website – all while maintaining your personal brand voice.

If you include copywriting services in our agreement, we will:

  • Identify the web pages to be written 
  • Create a list of questions for each page to gather information
  • Interview you to find out the answers to those questions
  • Organize the content and create draft pages for your review
  • Refine the content with you as needed
SEO Friendly Design

Every new website that we build follows best practices to optimize your website for appearing in search engines.

By organizing your content, creating impactful headlines, and including calls to action, we ensure that your website can be easily understood and indexed by search engines.

Web Applications


The WordPress CMS is a powerful and flexible platform that has the ability to store content and data together. Its open architecture makes it easy to add pages and tools that integrate, collect, and display data from multiple sources. The platform has a familiar and highly customizable back end, tested user accounts management, and a large ecosystem of support, not to mention a vast library of open-source and inexpensive tools to add functionality to your custom project.


We have created dashboards, specialized interactive search tools, reporting tools, data collection portals, and automated programs that integrate WordPress content with external resources such as SalesForce, Box, Thomson Reuters, payment gateways, and proprietary third-party databases.

Our solutions address many unique requests: a custom reservation system for walking tours, publication repositories for scientific communities, a course catalog and registration system, calendar integrations for exhibits, tours, and classes.

API Integrations

Modern web applications do not work in isolation. It is important to be able to integrate information from multiple sources, and to be able to transform that information into useful and actionable insights. For industries such as medical services, sales, and scientific research, the open internet has provided a revolutionary platform for growth.

Connecting WordPress with external systems

HyperArts has done integrations with various types of systems:

  • Front-end development with JavaScript libraries and AJAX
  • Interaction with Salesforce, Box, Thompson/Reuters using REST, SOAP, LDAP, and OAuth
  • Lead capture and email marketing integrations with Marketo, Mailchimp, Hubspot, and ActiveCampaign
  • Uploading and importing of data in CSV, JSON, and other custom formats
  • Custom reservations systems using Events Calendar Pro
  • Specialized WordPress search tools using SearchWP, Google Custom Search, and Bing Search
  • Google Maps customization
  • Content alerts via Twilio SMS API
Website Accessibility

Website accessibility has become an increasingly important topic for all websites.  We offer services to increase the accessibility of your website in accordance with standards such as WCAG and ADA.

Not sure what steps to take?  We can do an Accessibility Audit to identify ways to make your website more accessible.  We can then recommend various options for you.

If you have already had an audit done, or need help with implementing specific accessibility changes, reach out and we can develop a custom plan for you.

Speed Optimization

Speed optimization for better site ranking, better visitor experience

We will work with you to make your website pages load faster. Taking action to reduce page load times improves usability, has a positive affect on your Google Page Speed metrics, and increases your Core Web Vital scores.

To get started, we can do a Speed and Performance Audit to identify ways to make your website load more quickly. We can then recommend various options for you.

If you have already had an audit done and need help making recommended changes, we can work with you to get your changes in place.

WordPress Multisite

If you have multiple WordPress sites that need to share a common theme, WordPress Multisite may be the solution.


A multisite WordPress network is one install containing many sites.

Depending on your hosting plan restrictions these multisite networks can house an almost unlimited number of individual sites sharing a common set of plugins and a common set of themes.

New sites can be created at the touch of a button and each site can have separate user communities, with separate permissions.  Each site can select a theme and choose its plugins.  Network activated plugins are available on all sites.


Related sites can share a theme and plugins to have a similar look and properties. For example departments at a university, courses in a department, or micro-sites for products or services. Updates to the plugins and themes are immediately applied to all sites in the network.

Unrelated sites can be housed together for administrative convenience. Adding new sites to an existing multisite network can be done very quickly, so spinning up a micro-site does not require any additional accounts or file management tasks. A company might choose to house its marketing site, a member site, and later its investor site in one WordPress installation.


WordPress Multisite has its quirks and special characteristics which can affect developers and administrators. At HyperArts, we have experience with different types of multisite installations. We can help you decide if such a configuration is right for you, and guide you to any special plugins you will need to achieve your goals.

We’re a full-service WordPress development agency with 20 years of experience. Let's discuss how we can help with your website!