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    SEO Audit — How Optimized is Your Website?

    Google SEO Adwords Consulting Audit Review

    What is an SEO Audit?

    An effective Search Engine Marketing plan begins with a thorough analysis of your current website, an SEO Audit which addresses the question: How well optimized are the pages of your site to produce the required traffic so that you can achieve your marketing results?

    The goal of SEO is to advance selected pages of your site so they rank in the top 30 search engine results for targeted keywords and, ideally, on Google’s page one. Our SEO Audit assesses where your website is in this process. The recommendations contained in our SEO Audit can be implemented either by your internal team (with included phone support) or by HyperArts.

    Our SEO Audits — Budget and Premium

    HyperArts offers two levels of SEO audits — a Budget Plan and a Premium Plan. Both plans are well suited for clients with in-house Web and/or SEO resources who wish to either augment their knowledge with some outside expertise, or gain the knowledge necessary to optimize their website.

    SEO Audit — Budget Plan

    Our Budget Plan is an approximately 8-10 page report that includes:

    • Analysis of your top keywords — what terms do most users search when looking for your products and/or services?;
    • Analysis of your website’s coding / markup — is your website coded to optimally communicate your information to the search engines?
    • Detailed information and strategies — with specific examples using your keywords and website pages — on how to significantly improve your search engine rankings;
    • Identifying the “low-hanging fruit” — fairly minor site adjustments that will provide big results;
    • Tutorial on writing optimized content;
    • SEO best practices to guide your decision making in ongoing website management;
      4 hours of telephone support;

    SEO Audit — Premium Plan

    The HyperArts Premium SEO Audit consists of the following reports:

    • The Level-of-Optimization Assessment determines what the current level of optimization of your website’s pages is, why, and what to do to improve it. More »
    • The Keyword Assessment researches and analyzes which high-value keywords to use in optimizing the pages of your website. More »
    • The Baseline Keyword Ranking Test & Assessment determines the Google rankings for 10 of your high-value keywords. More »

    Each report includes a “Recommendations & Next Steps” section detailing what needs to be done to improve your website and its pages.

    Our SEO Audit also includes 4 hours of face-to-face or phone consultation to review the reports and ensure that you understand the Audit’s evaluations and recommendations, and to answer any questions you may have.

    The SEO Audit Deliverables

    Search Engine Marketing Assessment Report

    The Search Engine Marketing Assessment Report is a written document that answers the following questions:

    • How well does your website’s design support an enjoyable user experience that forwards your marketing goals for the site?
    • Does the current design promote confidence in doing business with your firm?
    • Do the primary and secondary navigation schemes allow for easy movement throughout the site?
    • Is the visitor’s attention being focused where you want it? Are callouts to important marketing devices being used effectively?
    • Is site architecture streamlined to ensure that marketing components are functioning smoothly and deployed so as to generate leads? Are newsletter signups easy? Are forms for information collection being used wisely and appropriately? Is valuable content easy to distribute and/or download to interested potential customers?
    • Is content on the site of sufficient quantity and quality to support good search engine visibility and conversions (having the visitor take an action you want taken)?
    • Are the crucial structural HTML markup elements of your website being utilized well to support your marketing goals?

    Level-of-Optimization Assessment Report

    The Level of Optimization Assessment Report is a written document that answers the following questions:

    • Are the high-value structural HTML markup elements of each page being utilized to their optimum level? Specifically:
      • Directory and filenames
      • Title tags
      • Description and keyword meta tags
      • Headers (h1, h2, etc.)
      • First 200 words of content copy
      • Anchor text links to other pages
    • What is the state of your site’s underlying mark-up code? Is it free from extraneous code — what we refer to as “cruft” — that causes search engine crawlers to abort their data collection efforts? Is your site free of cruft?
    • Is the use of any scripting language benign or will it cause search engine crawlers to abort? Are elements crucial to the functionality or look of your website independent of scripts that cause problems?

    Keyword Assessment Report

    The Keyword Assessment Report is a written document that identifies 10 high-value keywords to use in the optimization of your website’s pages.

    Because search engines are word-literal calculating devices, every page on your website is in fact “optimized” for the words on that page. The crucial question is whether a page is optimized for the word or phrase for which you want it to be optimized.

    Also of importance is whether these keywords are terms that are often used by searchers. Little traffic will be generated if your pages are optimized for keywords which are not being used by searchers.

    Baseline Keyword Ranking Test & Assessment Report

    The Baseline Keyword Ranking Test & Assessment Report is a written document that contains the results of the Keyword Ranking Test HyperArts will conduct to determine your current Google rankings for 10 high-value keywords. These results will serve as a baseline reference point from which to measure progress and improvement.

    Assessment Review Consultation

    The Assessment Review Consultation is a 2-4 hour phone consultation to ensure that all assessments and recommendations are thoroughly understood, and that any questions you have are answered.