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    SEO: Improve Your Organic Ranking

    Search Engine Optimization“Organic search results” refers to the ranking of your site based solely on your site’s coding, content and inbound links, as contrasted with Pay-Per-Click (“Sponsored Links”) results where your placement is determined by your bidding on keywords. Because almost 70% of search engine users don’t even bother looking at the paid results, viewing them more as ads than relevant results for their search, it is crucial that your website rank as highly as possible in the organic results.

    HyperArts offers the following SEO packages and services to increase your organic ranking:

    SEO Consulting

    We offer phone consultation regarding SEO issues on an hourly basis. We can clarify issues that come up due to a site re-design, answer questions about various SEO myths and legends, suggest strategies for optimizing your website, and address emergencies such as a sudden drop in ranking.

    SEO Audits — Analyzing & Assessing Your Website’s SEO

    An SEO Audit is the first step in improving your website’s SEO. We research your keywords, review your website’s coding, directory and file-naming structure, and content — to assess the correct approach for maximizing your website’s search engine rankings. Our detailed reports provide the information your team needs to make the necessary changes, and we provide phone support to answer any questions that might come up in the course of implementing our recommendations.

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    SEO Action Plan

    Following our SEO Assessment, HyperArts can, if desired, create an Action Plan which consists of detailed instructions for modifying your website’s directory and file nomenclature, title and meta tags, markup, and content, all with the goal of increasing your website’s ranking. Our Action Plan specifies:

    • The directory and file names for the pages on your website;
    • For each page, we specify the content for the <title> tag, the “description” and “keyword” meta tags, and the main header tags (<h1>, <h2>, <h3>)
    • content consulting and recommendations;
    • linking strategies.

    The Action Plan can be implemented by either HyperArts or by your internal staff. If developed by your internal team, HyperArts provides a period of phone support.

    Adwords / PPC Setup and Monitoring

    Let the experts at HyperArts help you set up and manage your Google Adwords campaigns. We also provide an Adword Audit to review your campaigns to make sure they’re set up to provide the biggest bang for your buck!

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    SEO Monthly Reporting & Management

    For a monthly fee, HyperArts will manage your ongoing SEO efforts, scheduling monthly reports which extensively track your search engine rankings for your high-value keywords and provide a monthly summary of your website’s rankings, with detailed suggestions for improvement, as well as phone consultation.

    Search-Engine-Friendly Website Design

    Because the way a website is coded is a key factor in getting good rankings, your website may need to be re-coded in order to better optimize it for the search engines. This does not necessarily mean a re-design, but rebuilding the underlying structure to conform to both Web Standards and SEO Best Practices (they’re fundamentally the same!). HyperArts is expert at building sites to these standards.