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  • Responsive Web Design, aka RWD

    Responsive Web Design — the New Future of Web Development

    Responsive Web Design - RWD

    Responsive Web Design (often abbreviated “RWD“) is an approach to Web design in which a site is developed — via CSS3 media queries, a flexible grid and resizable images — to provide an optimal viewing experience for a full range of viewing devices (eg tablets, mobile phones, desktop computers), with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.

    The RWD approach to Web design results in a website that provides a better user experience without requiring multiple versions of a site. (The HyperArts website is WordPress/RWD!)

    WordPress and Responsive Web Design

    WordPress has stayed ahead of the curve on this fairly recent development in Web coding/programming (Web developer Ethan Marcotte first wrote about RWD in his seminal A List Apart article in 2010), and HyperArts now develops most of its new projects utilizing RWD and WordPress.

    Compatibility of Responsive Web Design with Browsers and Platforms

    It’s pretty much all good news! Responsive Web Design works with all modern browsers — IE 8+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera — both on Mac OS X and Windows.

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