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  • Using Facebook as Your Page: A New Tool for Page Admins

    Pages, they are a-changin’

    By now you should be familiar with Facebook’s new Page layout (see Tim’s recent article on the Social Media Examiner if you still have questions). Besides the new layout and Admin features, there is one little easy-to-miss option that could potentially have a big impact for the way you use Facebook. Page Admins may have noticed the new link on their Pages that gives them the option to use Facebook as their Page.

    When you click “Use Facebook as (Your Page)” you leave your Profile-self behind and enter a new Facebook entirely. When you post on another Page Wall, you represent your Page, not yourself. Of course, if you have created a Page for yourself as a public figure, this could look very different. But typically Pages represent a business or organization, not just one person.

    The best part: You can do this for each of the Pages you administer, individually!

    There are some other significant features, which I will outline below. I hope this helps you use your new powers wisely and effectively:

    How to Use Facebook As Your Page*

    *and still follow the social media rules of engagement…

    • Posting on the Wall of another Page in your Industry:

      It’s a big rule of social media, in general, to never spam people with self-promotional material on their Page or Profile. With Facebook especially, keep in mind the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Only post something if it adds value to the conversation. Don’t just link back to your website or Page for no reason, or just plug your services. Share a link only if you have something to offer. Be genuine and transparent.

      Here is an example of a good interaction between two Pages in the same industry. I posted a link to one of our blog posts on the Wall of Room 214, a social media agency. I felt that it was a post they would find interesting, nothing that promoted HyperArts services.

    • Personalize your Comment

      We, and many of our colleagues, consider it “good etiquette” to sign your comments when posting as a Page:
      Comment Signature

      This makes your post feel personal despite the obvious branded persona. Also, if you want a response, you give the Page admin an opportunity to call you by your real name, not just your brand name. Another good reason to sign your name: accountability. If your Page has multiple admins accessing Facebook as the Page, you might want to enforce this as a rule to keep track of who says what!

    • Recommended Pages

      Now that you are using Facebook as a Page, you will see recommendations of other Pages you might like, instead of people and friends of friends.

      These recommendations will appear in the right column of the page, and often pertain to your industry. They are also usually relevant to other Pages you have liked. This is a useful tool for a Page Admin who wants to grow their new Newsfeed of Pages (see below for more info on the new Newsfeed). You can easily develop relationships with other related businesses or organizations if you use proper etiquette and post comments or questions on their Walls.

    • The New Newsfeed

      A very powerful tool is the new ability to see a Newsfeed of your favorite Pages rather than one of your Friends. Before, using Facebook to administer a Fan Page meant that Admins had to consciously ignore many of the Facebook Profile features while working on a Page. When you went to the Facebook “home” page, you were seeing a stream of activity from friends and family, not necessarily related to the work you might be doing on a Page. Now, you can actually make the switch and see only posts related to your Page. Only Pages you have “liked” as your Fan Page show up in this stream.

      If you want to keep up with other Pages in your industry, this is the best way I have seen, so far, to actually get all of their feeds in one place.

    • Notifications and Likes, All in One Place!

      In that same vein, when you are looking at Facebook as a Page, you see new Likes and Page Wall comments instead of friend requests and Profile Wall comments:

      When you click on either icon in the top-left toolbar, you get a drop-down list of all new Fans and any interaction your Fans have had with you Page. This includes Likes and comments to any and all Wall posts.

      You can actually click on “See All Notifcations” and see an easy-to-read list of all notifications on one page.

      On that page you can choose to subscribe to a feed of these updates via a variety of different channels. This is a HUGELY valuable thing for Admins, who no longer have to troll their Page Walls looking for new comments and questions from Fans.

    BEWARE: Don’t forget to switch back when you want to be yourself again!

    You can switch back in the same place, on your Page, or at anytime from the drop-down menu under “Account” in the top-right corner of Facebook:


    1. Excellent post. I spent yesterday discovering all of this on my own and wish I’d read this article first. I still struggle to remember to ‘like’ other business pages in the right ‘mode’ but I’m getting there.

      • Glad it helped!

        Remember, when you are using Facebook as yourself, you can only “add to my page’s favorites” because you are still yourself. Once you become your Page, you can “like” other Pages all you want!

        • I have a Profile and a Page. I do not want to switch back and forth between being “myself” and being my Page. I just want my Page!!! I am so frustrated; how can I get rid of my Profile page and ONLY have my business page?? Having two presences on Facebook is driving me crazy. If you can point me to a reference or have a “how to” posting on this I would so appreciate it. Thanks so much!

          • Finditfunny says:

            Me too, Elaine. I was sort of “tricked” into creating a profile page and now it and my business page are linked forever. If I delete my profile, I’ll delete my business page. I believe this is Facebook’s way of getting more profiles, (users) accumulated. I’ve looked many places and do not see any way of getting around it.

    2. “it’s considered good etiquette to sign posts by your page with your name”

      Who makes these rules up??

      • Michael,

        You make a good point, these aren’t real “rules” at all. I changed the wording a bit in the post. It’s a suggestion that we have read elsewhere as well. Experts like Mari Smith have also said this is a best practice.

        Thanks for the comment.

      • Nicola McGrath says:

        Hi. Can anyone help me please. When I am using facebook as a page for my organisation I cannot seem to give any other local organisations a “like”. It only seems to work when I switch back to myself as administrator. All I get after clicking on a like in facebook as page mode is “Oops!
        Something’s gone wrong. We’re working to get it fixed as soon as we can.”

        • So Nicola, when you “use Facebook as your Page” and then visit another Page (not a profile) you cannot click the “like” button?
          I can do that fine on my account, so I would check to make sure you are following the steps properly. Have someone else that is an admin of your Page try as well, from their own account.

    3. Personally I think “signing” posts made by your page dilutes the brand you are putting out there. If you are trying to build your business brand, you will post as your business page, demonstrating your expertise in the hopes that those reading your comment will be so impressed they click on the page profile pic to visit your page and learn more.

      When you sign the post with your name, people will look for the specific person who made the comment. Internally they think ‘Bobby’ is the expert (not the business), I should deal with her. If you want people to know you personally made the post, post as your personal profile (I actually have a business page set up as a public figure that I use for this purpose).

      If you are trying to engage with people in order to expose your business brand, then post as your business identity.

      Sorry for ranting, but the etiquette thing touches a nerve with me.

      • Interesting points Michael. I personally think it can be a good thing for a brand. I often wonder who manages the Pages of large brands. Have you seen Twitter accounts that have multiple authors? They often sign their tweets. It holds people accountable and gives the brand a human touch.

        For HyperArts, since Tim and I are the most frequent users of the Page, we like to sign our responses. This helps us keep track internally, and it has developed a sense of genuine community among our fans, who now can ask us questions by name.

        But of course, this might not work for everyone!

    4. Thank for the nicely detailed instructions. You definitely pointed out a few strategies I missed. One additional thing I like is how the new Fan Page shows or gives a opportunity to show who the actual page owners are. And I can also show in the right hand side MY top favorite pages. Great post!

      • Those are two great tools Michelle. I have seen a few Pages using the feature where you can see the Page Owners. Not everyone does this, since sometimes we want to keep that information private. But for certain companies or organizations, this is a great transparency tool.

    5. I’m trying to make a ‘badge” for my business page and it keeps telling me I have to make if from my personal page. ??? when I make the badge…. it’s directed to my personal page and there is no way I want that.. here is the message it gives me on my business page when I create a badge on my business page..
      To access this page, you’ll need to switch from using Facebook as your page to using Facebook as yourself.

      Is this fixable? or do I have to delete my personal page in order to make this badge to my business page. I am accessing it from my personal page to my business page…. ugh..

      • Brad,

        Don’t worry. You need to be using Facebook as yourself in order to create a badge for your Page. Go here:

        And you can pick “Page Badge” and then choose from a list of all Pages that you admin.

        It’s not a bug, it’s just how Facebook works. Use Facebook as your Page for interaction, but still do all the Admin stuff as yourself, just like before.

        NEVER delete your Personal Profile in order to do something on your Page. This is against Facebook’s terms of service. Always try to find a solution first 🙂

    6. The problem I am having is figuring out how to befriend someone using my fan page/other identity. There are Facebook pages that I would like to “like” or befriend using my fan page because they are industry related, but I can’t seem to do that.

      What am I doing wrong? Thank you so much for the help.

      • Joshua,
        You can “like” other Pages but you cannot befriend them. You also cannot become “friends” with user Profiles. You can only interact in that way with other Pages. Just click the Like button at the top of the Page when you are using Facebook as Your Page.

    7. If I click on the FB emblem in an article b/c I want to post it on my group page, it tells me I have to be logged in as myself to proceed. Even if I hit okay the post never shows up. It’s frustrating b/c I only have that particular personal page so I can have the group page, which is where I want to post everything. Can anyone advise?

    8. Is there a way to customize the profile banner on one of the pages that I am an Admin on? I’ve only been able to customize my personal profile banner – not my company’s.

    9. i have created a static fbml tab with different content for fans and no fans and it works fine. Then i added the fb:comments code and even though it looks ok when im using facebook as myself, the content of the tab is blank when i use facebook as a page.

      Why cant a page see my content when i insert the comment code but a profile can?

      • Sorry, this seems like a question slightly unrelated to this post. You can post on our Facebook Page and hopefully Tim or someone else can answer.

    10. Hi there, I met a problem that I use social extension in my CMS site, and when people they login their facebook will link to my site (their facebook user name can ge picked up). It is Ok for people who are as theirselves. But when they are as their pages, my site can not get usernames, is that mean page has no username? And is that normal? Sorry for my poor english. Cheers

      • I am not entirely sure why this happens for people using Facebook as their Page, but it might just be a Facebook restriction.

    11. One of the pages I administer is actually my website. I can use it as a Facebook page after implementing open graph tags. Although I can still see it listed as a page I administer, and I can switch to it and see insights, the option to use it as a page has disappeared. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a fix?

      • Rick :
        One of the pages I administer is actually my website. I can use it as a Facebook page after implementing open graph tags. Although I can still see it listed as a page I administer, and I can switch to it and see insights, the option to use it as a page has disappeared. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a fix?

        Hi, I have the same question as Rick. I see my open graph page listed among the pages I administer, but there is no “switch” button next to it so that I can switch to use it as my page. Any ideas?

        • There are probably different restrictions for these types of non-Pages. The information in this post was intended only for normal Fan Pages, not websites. Try looking in the Facebook help center for more answers. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

    12. a2z310623 says:

      Hello…I’m hoping you can shed some light to a similar problem I am having as #11 Brad’s comment above. I would like to install an e-commerce app on my Page, but I keep getting the following message…

      You are using Facebook as my “PAGENAME”
      To access this page, you’ll need to switch from using Facebook as your page to using Facebook as yourself.

      When I click on the “Continue as yourself” button, I am taken to a page indicating…

      E-Commerce Storefront is requesting permission to do the following:

      Access my basic information:
      Includes name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends, and any other information I’ve shared with everyone.

      I don’t want the e-commerce app on my personal account, but I do want to use it on my business Page.

      Any ideas why this is happening and how I can get passed this issue?

      Thanks for you help & time!

      • Hello,

        When you go to the app on Facebook, you can see the Page regardless of how you are using Facebook (as your Page or yourself). Just click “Add to My Page” and it works either way. I just tried it, and it works both ways.

    13. a2z310623 says:

      Thank you Analisa!

    14. I am the admin for several businesses, and the identity of their fans are not showing up on their fan pages. Can you please let me know how/ where to change this setting so their fans appear?

      Thank you.

      • Hi Julie. I am not sure what you mean by the “identity” of your Page fans. Do you mean their photos are not showing up?

    15. Thanks for your note Analisa. No – -these are fan pages on FB – not websites. Along the left side of the page it will give the number of fans, but not the names and photos of fans. Do you know how to show that info? Thanks.


    16. Thanks for taking a look — here is the site.

    17. Angela says:

      Hi Analisa,
      I am an admin of a page but I cannot see the use facebook as link in my account any more. Any help?!

    18. Leigh Porter says:

      I get the following message when I attempt to acccess an outside link when using my community page:

      To access this page, you’ll need to switch from using Facebook as your page to using Facebook as yourself.

      It is VERY annoying to keep signing in and out of the community page to read outside links.

      Thanks in advance for your help – Leigh

      • Analisa says:

        Hi Leigh! I understand your frustrations. I recommend only using the “Use Facebook as Your Page” tool for specific things (liking other Pages, posting on other Walls, and reading your newsfeed). Then you can switch back to yourself for all other aspects of your Page management duties and not get stuck with that error message.


        • Leigh Porter says:

          Thats the problem, when I’m reading my page newsfeed I click on the posted outside links in the news feed and I recieve the message then. It wasn’t like that last week, so I thought it was something new.
          Thanks – Leigh

          • Analisa says:

            Hmmm, I tried and that happened to me too! It must be new. And with all things Facebook, there is probably some reasoning behind it. Maybe FB does not want users to interact with “objects” off of Facebook as their Pages. For instance, if there is a Like button on an external site, they want people to use that “Like” button as their personal profile, not as their Page.
            Sorry I can’t give you a solution, but my advice is to keep trying, it could change! And my previous advice still works: do browsing as yourself, and interacting as your Page.

          • I’m having the EXACT same problem and it’s REALLY annoying. I came upon your comment after searching on google for this exact issue.

            I’ve already posted to Facebook’s “Help” system and filed a bug report with screen-shots… I hope this isn’t some kind of intentional change because it really limits the usability and interaction-aspect of follow other pages.

            My suggestion is that we ALL need to tell Facebook about this problem… maybe they will get to it faster the more complaints they get…

            Report bug here:

            If you guys can shed any light for me if I’m missing something…

          • Leigh Porter says:

            I already filed with the bug page and I have been following your thread in the FB help. I’m still waiting for a response from the bug team.

          • I’m surprised there aren’t more people screaming about this yet… it’s really a big and annoying bug. I follow different pages through my Page account than I do through my personal account, and it’s becoming really annoying all the logging into different accounts just to do something as silly as visit a link. I hope we hear something soon, but I’m not holding my breath…

          • FYI… I found a guy who posted a video about it…

          • Leigh Porter says:

            I appear to be fixed! Let me know Amy if it is the same for you! – Leigh

          • Amy (DRabbit) says:

            YES! Thanks the FB Gods… it’s fixed!

    19. How did it get fixed? This is a major problem for me and my facebook page…

    20. When I want to share a post from my blog, I have to be logged into FB as my page and then click the share via FB on my blog for it to show up under my FB page. Now I’m getting an error that says to access this page, you’ll need to switch from using your FB page to using FB as yourself. If I do that, then it will post to my personal FB profile vs FB page. please help! thanks!!

      • Leigh Porter says:

        You can just right click and copy the address at the top of the page and the past it into the status box (after clicking the link icon first) at the top of your nonpersonal page. It will let you insert your comments too. You just can’t use the share buttons on websites with your nonpersonal page. -Leigh

        • Thanks that is a bummer b/c I liked how I was able to do so. I’ve always shared my blog this way but it has just recently started to give me the error mentioned above.thanks.

    21. I started a fan page and for months have used FB both as myself and my page. I couple of days ago i clicked to ‘use facebook as page’, my page come up but now there is no ‘switch’ button and i can’t use FB as this page? Help!!!

      • Analisa says:

        That is very strange, is this issue still present? Try all of the usual things, like logging out, clearing cache, restarting browser. Are you the admin of other Pages? Does this same thing happen on those Pages?

    22. Cinthia says:

      Please can anyone help? Myself and some of the people who “like” my business facebook page cannot see recent up to date status’s or other users comments. I cant see what I wrote in the News Feed, or the comments on my pictures. I can only see them when I access my facebook page thru the notifications I receive in my e’mail. But when I refresh my profile, everything is missing again, I created my business page a week ago, and had this problem ever since. Also the number of people that “like” my page changes constanly . I’ve tried everything I can find on google, ticked the relevant boxes, cleared cookies and cache and no help! The page views fine in facebook mobile platform, but I don’t want to use that.

      Any more suggestions? I really need this sorting as it’s a big part of my business and half my customers can’t see the page!

      • Analisa says:

        Hi Cinthia, Can you share the link to your Page so that we can take a look?
        How do you sign in to Facebook? As yourself? As a business profile?

        • Cinthia says:

          Hi Analisa,

          The link is:

          I sing in as myself, then I a go to “Use facebook as my page”

          • Analisa says:

            Cinthia, on the Wall, there is a grey bar above the most recent post. It says “Wall” on the left, and on the right it has two options, “Mui Mui Plus” and “Top Posts” that you can choose from. Have you tried clicking to see posts by you? Right now all I can see are Top Posts, because that is the option that is defaulting.

    23. Hi! I am trying to create a username for my Facebook AudioSeminar fan page, and it doesn’t seem to stick! I am also in charge of a fan page for Pro AV, and that worked out just fine ( It said that my AudioSeminar username was set, but when I type it into my web browser, facebook tells me that the page “is not found.” Do you have any solutions for me?
      Thanks in advance!

    24. We tried to create the username last week; it should be under The username we put in place for our other company worked just fine:

      I think it’s strange too! We just can’t seem to figure it out!

    25. Hey there – thanks for the great post… I’m still a little confused, however – hopefully you can clear something up.

      So when I’m operating as “my page” and I want to comment on another person’s page, it keeps asking me to verify my account. When I try to verify, it wants me to verify as ME. Also, it wants a credit card #.

      What do I do from here?? I have tried looking at the facebook help page and havent found anything that has really helped.

      Thank you again for taking your time to add such useful information to the internet 🙂 It’s much appreciated!!

      Kindest regards,

      • Analisa says:

        You should NEVER have to give a credit card number when trying to use Facebook as your Page! I am not sure why that is happening to you. If you could take screenshots of this issue, it would help to see. -Analisa

    26. How do I send you the screenshot?

      This is what the text says: Your account must be verified before you can take this action. Please verify your account by adding your Body of an error/warning message. Title is: Please verify your account. or {=credit card}.

    27. I’m trying to export insights. I get the “To access this page, you’ll need to switch from using Facebook as your page to using Facebook as yourself,” message when I click “export” from within my page. When I switch to “myself,” the only administrator, I can’t find the insights to export.

      • Analisa says:

        Hello Maria. Try to access your Page insights without using Facebook as your Page first. Just login to Facebook as yourself, go to your Page, and click on View Insights. When I do that, I still see the export button.

    28. Thank you! It worked!

    29. Hi Analisa,

      We have this Art App on Facebook which unveils one artwork everyday I’ve been trying to post the artwork of the day with no success, Facebook keeps me telling “To access this page, you’ll need to switch from using Facebook as your page to using Facebook as yourself. ” but I want the artwork to be posted on the Page not on my personal Profile, please help me!!
      : |

      • Analisa says:

        Can you send me a link to the Art App you are talking about, so I can better understand? Are you trying to post images from the app to your Wall? Can you just do that manually?

    30. allan jose says:

      hello… please help me regarding my fan page..i have a fan page with multiple admins…there are various posts being put up by the can i track the origin of the post from a particular admin without removing them?? please help urgently!!
      thank you…..

      • Hello Allan, there is no way to track posts to a particular admin. You can ask your Page admins to sign their name to each post, which is something we try to do on the HyperArts Page.

    31. I am trying to create an event of my fan page but I’m getting the error “To access this page, you’ll need to switch from using Facebook as your page to using Facebook” I can’t make the event on my personal page because i need to invite the fans of the fan page, any ideas? thanks

      • Hi Lisa. You can create an event on your Page without being logged in as your Page. Make sure you are using FB as yourself and just go to the event app on your Page. If you cannot see the Events tab on your Page, you need to activate the app from the backend of your Page. Go to Edit Page and then go to the Apps tab. Anyways, once the tab is active you can create events on your Page, not connected to your profile at all.

        • Hi Analisa, what i want to do though is create an event for my fan page company. I need to invite the fans of that page. Whether I try to create the event as myself or as that page, it will not let me invite the fans of that page.

          • There is no way to invite fans of your Page to an event. It’s a Facebook restriction. You can “update fans” but the best way is to just post the event and post a reminder on the wall as well.

    32.  I
      definitely get irked while people think about worries that they plainly don’t
      know about.

    33. HI,

      I am just creating a business page on Facebook.  I represent a number of artists and would like to put their individual pages under my Bus FB page as their galleries and such are all on my website.  I inadvertently created the first artist’s page on my personal FB.  My questions: Can I create sub pages? and if so, Can I switch the profile page or must I delete one and create another?

      I will appreciate your advice – and I also want to thank you for all the information you freely share which has helped me – and everyone below – enormously.

    34. Jackikbrett says:

      Hi – hoping you can help – just recently I have noticed that when I (acting as my business name on my fan page) try to post a status or a link, it hits facebook for fans to see, but then when you go look at my fan page hours later, I dont see it.  Also, this morning two people commented on my “fan” status, but its no where to be found.  The only reason I know they commented is because I got an email.  When I follow the email, it then doesnt show the comments.  HELP!!!

    35. Hello,

      I have also been having the same problems when trying to using an application for my page. I am trying to use Tumblr to send any posts I make on Tumblr go directly to my Facebook page. However, I keep getting the same error telling me I need to switch to my personal page to get permission and when I complete the steps, my posts are being sent to my personal page, not the fan page. Please help ! Thanks.

    36. Hello People, I am new to facebook, started by creating a page for my business. Got inspired by your idea of using facebook as a page. 

      I just have one issue, once I log in to facebook, and have switched using “use facebook as <<>>” all works fine. But the moment I logout all settings gets changed. When I re-login I am back on my facebook profile and need to again change / switch the option of use facebook as <<>>

      Is that a glitch I am having? Is that something that can be fixed? I have tried 30 times and it does the same thing.

      Or is that how facebook works and I have nothing else to do but continue operating facebook this way. Anybody please let know.

    37. hello every one !!! i have two pages the like one and normal but i want to just have one does anybody know how to put both in one … not having to switch pages to have just the like one???

    38. Hi I have just created my business page but i created it separately
      from my personal, I don’t have any option to sign in as personal or
      business, How do I link these?
      Most importantly all i want to do
      is be able to post on other page walls and profile walls, I was a little
      confused reading the above but are you saying this IS NOT possible? I
      don’t understand, other small businesses which are listed as pages seem
      to be able to post on other page walls as themselves but not me..
      Help, please help.

    39. You need to have your personal profile associated with your page, or you’ll be very restricted on what you can do on your page. I suggest creating your business page under your account, and you’ll then find peace 🙂
      I also suggest reading our article To Build a Facebook Page, You Need a Profile.

    40. Ivan Madrigal says:

      Help! I don’t get any notifications when I post on someone else’s page when logged in as my own page. I do when I am using my normal profile. So if I comment on a picture and someone else does after me then I don’t get notified. I can’t find anywhere in FB help that says this is how it is designed.

    41. I want to change a facebook page I am the admistrator from the person being a public firgure to just a plain facebook page so I can add family and stuff. As a public firgure I can’t do that. Any information would be helpful. If I have to delete it and start over I will try that. I started to delete it but it was deleteing my facebook not the one I am admistrating so I canceled that.

    42. When you are using Facebook as your Page, the notifications on your Page should give you some of that info, but it could be that this is a gaping hole in the user experience when using FB as your Page. You might just have to keep track and go back to those comments and check!

    43. Hi, Analisa. I’ve created a ‘personal blog’ page (I guess that would be considered a fan page?) and I am unable to ‘like’ the pages of my counterparts. As well, when I comment on their pages, my profile pic doesn’t appear. — I created this page from scratch. It is not associated with my personal account in any way. Also, I don’t see the ‘account’ menu on my personal page in order to associate the two. But that might not be possible at this point. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

      • If you created this account from scratch, and it is not part of your personal profile (you must be signing in with a different email and pass?) then this is a Business Account. That means your actions are limited. Make yourself (your personal profile) an admin of the Page if you can, so that you can admin the page from your personal account. Then you will be able to do everything that you can’t now!

    44. I am hoping you can help me? My problem is that I cant use my facebook page as myself. When I switch and try to accsess my page with my profile. I get the screen where i can make a new page. 

    45. With Pages I am having problems posting to other peoples wall so they can see it. For example if I log in as my page name or as admin and add a comment to someones wall I can see the post and I can see it in my recent activity. When I log off and go back to the same page I do not see my post there. I have no problem seeing my comments when I “Like” or comment on someones else post.
      So the questions is, if you have Pages are you not allowed to make a Post on someones wall?

      • Hi John. I assume you mean that you are posting on other PAGE Walls, not personal profiles. When using FB as a Page you cannot comment on a user’s personal profile. If you do mean Page Walls, then I think I know why you might be seeing your comments “disappear.” Some Pages have different Wall display settings. At the top of the Wall feed you should see a tiny toggle that allows you to either display post by “Everyone (most recent)” or just posts by your Page. Then, next to “Everyone (most recent)” there is a drop down menu that allows you to pick “Most recent” or “Top posts” – so you can see how your comments might be filtered out based on these settings. Go back and look at the Walls where you have posted and see if this is the case. -Analisa

        • Yes, when I post as my Page to another Page wall, it is not visible unless I am logged in as my Page. When I log out of my Page and use Facebook in my Profile setting, or when anyone else views the Page that I posted on, the post is not visible. I actually thought of the display, as well, and tried that earlier, but it makes no difference to the post’s visibility. 

        • Analisa here is a jpg to show what I mean. The one on the left is when I am logged into my Page account. The one on the right is when I am not logged into any account and just viewing your page. As you can see the posts are not showing up. Any advise you have would be great because if I can’t post onto other peoples site would be kind of a bummer. – John

    46. Hi Mikael, are you sure that you have a normal Facebook account and not a Business Page account? Also, are you sure that your personal profile account is an admin of your Fan Page?

    47. I want to create a Timeline for my business account, Facebook wont allow me to do this. I have to be using my Profile page to create a Timeline and that is only for my Profile page, not the business one…how can I create a Timeline for business?

    48. Timeline is only for personal profiles at this time. Facebook may be announcing Timeline for Pages, but it’s not available yet.

    49. Deborah Danniels-French says:

       Why do I get this message though – To access this page, you’ll need to switch from using Facebook as your page to using Facebook as yourself. I want to use Facebook for business!!

    50. You can only do certain things when using Facebook as your Page. Like comment on other Pages (not profiles).

    51. chrisbrew says:

      Hi, I could do with your help.  I created a fan page and personalised the URL to my company name.  However, I have now tried to create a link from my webpage to my facebook page and for some unknown reason it does not work!  When the link is pressed it goes to the standard facebook log in page and advises users to log in before they can view/access my page. 

      Are you able to let me know where i’m going wrong?

    52. Well, that’s what would happen if you visited a Page and weren’t logged in to Facebook. If it’s not that, check your Page’s privacy settings.

    53. Hi! why I can’t invite those who have “liked” our page to the Event; when I try, it tells me I must be logged in under my own name to invite people. And that means the only people I can invite are my own personal friends, not those who are fans.. How is it? Thank you. 

    54. Analisa says:

       That is a Facebook restriction – you cannot invite Fans to an event on your Page. I know, it is annoying!

    55. Analisa says:

       Hi Chris, what is the link?

    56. If you already answered this, my apologies, but is there a way to comment on my page as me?? Every time I comment it’s as my page and I can’t figure out how to change this. The other admin gets frustrated with this as well. When posting info about our page I can understand, but sometimes we just want to be ourselves!! Any help would be appreciated!!

    57. Hi Analisa, 
      If FB only allows one account per person, how can I create admin accounts for my staff  so they can comment on my business page? I don’t want them to use their own FB accounts as I want their name to reflect their role in the business and also I’m not sure I want all their personal photos and FB stuff visible to our consumers. Can you help?

    58. sandi73smith says:

      Hi There…I have a personal facebook page and I am an admin to a FB like page. I am trying to link the FB Like page to its corresponing blog so that posts of the blog will automatically post on the FB like page. But whenever I click on Networked blog app it says that I must switch back to my personal page but I dont want the blog post linked to me. Hope you can understand what I am trying to say. Any help is appreciated!

    59. You should be able to connect your blog to your FB Page without “using Facebook as your Page” – you should only really be using that feature to write on other Page walls, or comment on their posts. You do not need to “use Facebook as your Page” in order to do administrative tasks, or work with apps, on your OWN Page. I hope that makes sense!

    60. Hello Analisa, I created a facebook fan page for a business but did not have a personal account first.  I am noticing that I have no search box to search for other pages or groups and also when I cooment on other peoples fan pages my profile picture does not show up. I have one set on timeline as my profile pictured to be used and it is sized correctly.  Any idea as to why this is? I Also wanted to know if it is too late to create a personal account and link it to the business page even though the page was done first?  Thanks!

      •  Sounds like you created a business account, which does have all of the unfortunate limitations you have described. I recommend that you create a personal account. Then, make your personal account an admin of your Page via the business account. Then you can log in to Facebook with your new account and manage your Page with all functionality. Use the “use Facebook as your Page” feature to write on the Walls of other Pages when logged into your personal profile.

        • Thank you! Will this also cause my picture (business logo) to appear when commenting on another persons fan page? Is this a conflict in their policy saying you cannot have more than one account with separate e mails?

          • You should create the new account with a different email address and then delete the business account. Make sure that you add your personal account as an admin first.
            When using your Page as an admin, your Personal profile picture will never appear (unless you change your settings specifically). Your business Page picture will appear when you post on your Page Wall, or if you want to post on other Pages, you can use Facebook as your Page (as described in this post).

            • Im confused if I delete the Business Account/Fan Page, won’t the likes dissappear along with the comments? Once I delete it I will not be able to use my business e mail address to login into FB because it was used to create that fan page.  I am new to FB so please forgive me. How do I delete the account, but not the page. Or do I need to recreate the Fan
              page after I make the personal account. Page/account are they two seperate things?

    61.  If your employees have personal FB accounts then you can make them admins of the company FB Page and they will be able to comment as the Page, not as their personal accounts. They can sign their name or initials to posts if you want to be able to distinguish between them. That is how I post on the HyperArts Page. Tim and I both use the Page via our personal accounts but when I post on the Wall, I show up as “HyperArts” because I am an admin. There is no way to access my personal account or information from the HA Page, so I am able to keep work and personal completely separate. I hope that helps!

    62.  YES! There is a way to do this. Go to Admin Panel > Manage > Edit Page > Your Settings > Un-check that box that says “Always comment and post on your Page as…”
      That will allow you to show up on your Page as your personal profile. You can check it back if you want to be your Page again!

    63. If you are worried, just do not delete the old account. You can create the personal account and then use that email address to login instead of the old one.

    64. If you are worried, just do not delete the old account. You can create the personal account and then use that email address to login instead of the old one.

    65. How do I get around the problem – that when I want to post to my page an article that I like – I get the message: that I need to login as myself before I can “like” an article?

    66. Analisa says:

      There are only certain things that you can do when using Facebook as your Page versus as yourself. Some things need to be done the old way – just post them to your Wall when you are logged in to the account that admins your Page.

    67. Kate Willbourn says:

      Hi, I know it’s been a year since the last few comments, however can anyone tell me how I can leave comments or Like articles using my Facebook Page name. Whenever I’m on something, like this article, it says ‘switch’ back to my personal account to use this social plugin. Is there no way I can interact with the facebook social plugin as my page name?

    68. If you get the “switch link”, than you’re currently using facebook as a page and therefore can’t access the social plugin. This applies to the Facebook Like Button Social Plugin. When you are able to Like or Send a URL while using Facebook as a Page, it’s because the site where that URL is located is using a different method for their Like Button, not the Facebook Social Plugin.

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