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  • UPDATED Facebook Timeline Cover Photo – Profile Picture Integration for Personal Profiles

    As you’re probably aware, Facebook has again changed the layout of the Timeline for Personal Profiles, and has been rolling it out gradually for the past month or so. Yesterday the changes hit my own Personal Profile, which allows me to update my previous tutorial on integrating your Facebook Cover Photo and Profile Picture so that they appear to be part of the same image.

    NOTE: This layout change HAS NOT rolled out to Facebook Pages, only Personal Profiles. To create this effect (and get the Photoshop template) for a Facebook Brand Page, read the Timeline Cover Photo / Profile Picture tutorial and template for Facebook Pages.

    Here’s my new Timeline masthead with the new layout. Notice the “swoops” in the Cover Photo continue into the background of my Profile Picture.

    Updated Facebook Timeline Masthead

    OK, let’s get started!

    Download the Updated Photoshop Template to Integrate Cover Photo & Profile Picture

    Click HERE to download the updated Photoshop Timeline Personal Profile template.

    Once you have unzipped the file and opened the .psd in Photoshop, do the following:

    1) Download, unzip and open the template file in Photoshop. Note the transparence where the Cover Photo and Profile Picture will go:

    Facebook Timeline for Pages Cover Photo Template

    2) Create the main image for your masthead at 958 x 419px (or larger so you can experiment with different positions).

    Facebook Timeline for Pages Cover Photo Template

    3) Drag your image into the Cover Photo Template, and move the template layer to be ON TOP of your image layer:

    Facebook Timeline for Pages Cover Photo Template

    4) Add any additional graphic elements:

    Facebook Timeline for Pages Cover Photo Template

    After you designed your masthead to your satisfaction, it’s time to export the Cover Photo and Profile Picture and upload them to Facebook.

    Export the Profile Picture image as GIF, JPEG or PNG

    1) With the layer called “TEMPLATE BORDERS” selected, select the Magic Wand tool — set to “0” tolerance, “contiguous” checked, and “Anti-alias” UNchecked — and click inside the Profile Picture (the inset box) area so that it’s selected (this will be 180 x 180px).

    2) From the top menu, select: Image > Crop — and crop the image;

    3) Export this Profile Picture image, either as a JPEG, GIF or PNG.

    4) Undo (Mac: Command+Z; Windows: Control+Z) until you’re back to the full template image.

    Export the Cover Photo image for your Timeline masthead

    Now it’s time to export your Cover Photo.

    1) Disable the “TEMPLATE BORDERS” layer;

    2) Export your Cover Photo image — which, if you’ve done everything correctly, should be 958 x 419px. Facebook will resize it to 851 x 315px, and display from the top of your image. So once your image is resized to 315px in height nothing below that will be displayed.

    Upload the images to your Facebook Timeline Page

    Uploading your Cover Photo and Profile Picture to your Facebook Page is fairly straightforward, and chances are you’ve done this before. Here’s a quick rundown….

    1. If this is the first Cover Photo you’ve created for your Page, just click on “Add a Cover” to locate it on your computer and upload it.
    2. If you’re replacing an existing Cover Photo, just mouse over the Cover Photo and click “Change Cover”.
    3. Repeat for the Profile Picture, mousing over it and selecting: Edit Profile Picture > Upload Photo.
    4. Adjust position of your Cover Photo – You will probably need to move your Cover Photo down to align it with your Profile Picture. Mouse over the Cover Photo, click “Change Cover”, then select “Reposition”. You can now drag the photo downwards until it correctly aligns with your Profile Picture. Just make an adjustment, then Save to check. Repeat as necessary!

    If you’ve followed the above instructions to the letter, it should look just as you planned it.

    View a live Profile Page Example.

    Share your creative work…

    I’d love to see what you come up with using our template. Please share in the comments. Thanks!


    1. Used the tutorial above…

      • It’s a little off, Chris. Did you make sure to: Edit Thumbnail > Size to Fit?
        You have to check “Size to Fit” box or your Profile Pic will be too large.

    2. Thank you so, so, so much!!! I looked everywhere for the new coverphoto layout!

    3. Stefanos says:

      Cover image must be 958 x 420px (not 419). fb will resize to 851 x 314px. Confirm this by using horizontal parallel lines to test.

    4. Jo Erwin says:

      Thanks for the update. Work perfectly : )

    5. Hello! I need help with the Export the profile picture? When I press Ctrl Z nothing happens.

    6. Tried this! Thanks for the template and info. Mine is a little off, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.

    7. i’ve done this to my page before. it’s cool for desktop but doesn’t work for mobile or tablet (where most traffic is coming from).

      • Correct. The alignment doesn’t work at all on iPads and other tablets due to completely different sizing. And with the Facebook app, you don’t even see the masthead design.

    8. Yes, this article states explicitly that this tutorial is ONLY for Personal Profiles.

    9. camille says:


    10. John Michael Howard says:

      Thanks. This was pretty helpful. Here is my example

    11. Alan Baker says:

      Thankyou. I followed earlier tutorials unaware of the changes in dimensions. Having found your very basic and straight to the point tutorial all is good now and I am pleased with the results.

    12. as per your instruction my profile pic is 180px by 180px and cover is 958px by 420px but Facebook is not resizing the cover photo…

      as per my knowledge cover photo should be 851Px by 315Px…

      • I’m not sure why Facebook isn’t resizing your Cover Photo. You can try resizing it to 851x315px before uploading it, I suppose.
        After all, this IS Facebook….

    13. Johnro Joseph Guaren says:

      Thanks! Mine’s here.

    14. Mark Gurm says:

      Thanks for the great tutorial Tim.

      My problem seems to lie with the quality of the cover picture once uploaded onto Facebook, for some reason its very blurry/smudged. I created the original image in illustrator if that helps, maybe i’ve missed something from the illustrator to photoshop migration (I’m a newbie to both).

      Also, when people view my profile page when not logged into Facebook, the cover and profile pictures don’t align for some reason, but no issues when logged in.

      Heres a link to my Facebook page if you would like to have a look.

      Anyways, thanks again for the great tutorial.


      • Your Cover Photo looks pretty good to me.

        If the issue is how the small white font looks less than ideal, try enlarging the text on your image.
        Facebook converts your image to a JPEG regardless of what format (GIF, PNG, etc) your original uploaded file is. And JPEG is not an ideal format for images that have text and crisply defined images. JPEGs work better on photos.

        • Mark Gurm says:

          Thanks Tim,

          I’ll have a play around with the font sizes and see how that goes.

          Also, any idea on why the cover and profile picture don’t align when viewing my profile page when not logged into Facebook, very strange.

          Once again, thanks for the great tutorial and keep up the good work.


          • I’m not sure why your Cover Photo and Profile Pic don’t align when you’re not logged in. I can’t even view my Personal Profile if I’m not logged in to Facebook.

    15. Wolfgang Born says:

      Thank you Tim… lovely
      My first try…

    16. Matt Kalkhoff says:

      Thanks a bunch. It worked with gimp so I was ecstatic.

    17. Eduardo Pereira says:

      The .RAR file is corrupted, I downloaded it several times but is never worked. Is it only happening to me? Can someone help me?

    18. Eduardo Pereira says:

      I was with a problem in the download, but it worked! The problem was because the file was with “.psd” in the name, and my computer identified it as a photoshop file instead of a .RAR one. Problem solved.

    19. Chris Sandiford says:

      Have Facebook changed the look of the masthead again? It has a gradient applied to the lower 60px of the image where your name and the Update info/Activity Log buttons appear. This doesn’t carry through to the profile pic and thus colours in the masthead are washed out and don’t match the run-in to the profile pic. Has this always been there and I’ve never noticed?

    20. Simple but nice.

    21. Great tutorial!

      There also is a nice online tool for this:

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