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  • Ultimate Backup Plugin Solution for WordPress

    We love the WordPress platform because it is continually evolving to improve functionality and stay as secure as possible. Because of the changing nature of this open source solution, it is absolutely essential to make regular updates to your WordPress installation and plugins as they become available. That means it is also crucial to make regular backups in case any changes in the software affect your site or any data is damaged in the update process.

    Backup BuddyThere two components of your WordPress website or blog that require backing up:

    1.) The site files — primarily images, and
    2.) The database which contains all of the text content on your website.

    Backup Buddy WordPress Plugin

    I tried a number of different backup solutions that did one or the other of these tasks, but I had to use multiple systems to make sure the site and all of my content was getting completely backed up and stored somewhere safe.  Finally I found Backup Buddy, a premium plugin by iThemes. Backup buddy is an incredibly robust solution for backing up your WordPress site in it’s entirety.

    Some of Backup Buddy’s key features

    1.)  Backup

    Backup Entire site
    Backup Buddy backups up your entire WordPress  site including: WordPress install, widgets, themes, plugisn, sql database, htaccess.

    Remote Backups
    You can send the backup to your server, email it, send the backup somewhere via FTP or to a remote host such as Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud or Dropbox.

    Schedule Backups
    Create multiple backup schedules and choose which elements you want to backup.

    For example: you are a frequent blogger and want to have a backup of your database emailed to your account daily, but you are not doing many modifications to theme files, so you only want to do a full site backup monthly and have it sent to remote storage.

    2.)  Restore

    The restore function in BackupBuddy is super simple: just upload the importbuddy.php script and your backup file to the root of your server, and you will be taken through the steps to restore WordPress: your themes, widgets, plugins, and everything else.

    3.)  Migrate

    The Migrate function of Backup Buddy is one of my favorites! It makes the process of migrating an entire WordPress site to a new server or domain easy. This is a great feature for web developers who build custom sites for clients on a temporary domain or locally and then want to migrate the entire site to a live client domain.

    4.)  Premium Support

    Since backup buddy is built to work with such a variety of server configurations you may need to tweak the settings to make it work in your particular setup. But don’t be discouraged if it’s not working for you. Backup Buddy is a premium plugin, so the support forum is very active and the moderators are good about responding to questions.

    At HyperArts we use Backup Buddy for many of our WordPress clients and it has proved to be a great solution for backing up, restoring and migrating sites.

    VaultPress — A robust solution for ongoing realtime WordPress backup

    However, for blogs or websites that are frequently updated, we use VaultPress which is another backup plugin by Automattic (the creators of WordPress). It’s a bit more expensive, but it is fully automated and creates backups in real time so that every time a change is made to your site, it is backed up.

    To learn more visit their site.

    Feel free to leave a comment and tell us if you’ve tried Backup Buddy, VaultPress or have another great backup solution.


    1. If someone is finding a way to backup their WordPress files, this is a nice option for the database… simple and straight-forward!

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