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  • St. Paddy's Day @ HyperArts

    We have nothing to fear here at HyperArts on this Irish holiday…there will be no cyber pinching wars because…we are green! No, I don’t mean to say that we are eco-friendly, although we do have a re-usable filter in the coffee machine…I mean that we have a lovely emerald complexion that follows us wherever we go!

    See for yourself on our newly designed YouTube and Twitter accounts. Tim has expertly crafted matching backgrounds for all of our profiles, except of course for Facebook.
    I have always enjoyed the fact that FB profiles are not personalize-able, a characteristic that makes this social site stand alone in the world of MySpace and Twitter and blog platforms like Tumblr and WordPress. The familiar white background and blue headers greet you each time on Facebook, and no obnoxious tiled background images distract the eye. I wonder, will Facebook stay an individual forever?

    I think there is something to say for a customizable account page, especially for businesses with a recognizable brand. For companies looking to enter the social media world, one of the first things I would recommend is developing, if you don’t have one already, a simple and recognizable avatar. Choose a theme or color or image that can be linked to your business name or even your product. There are so many familiar examples out there, I hardly need to include a link for your viewing pleasure, but I will anyways:

    Ignite Social Media might have gone a bit overboard on those conversation bubbles…
    HubSpot is another example of visual bombardment with their image.

    One of my pet peeves is seeing a Twitter background that is a fixed image with text, usually contact information for a business, but that is partially hidden by the tweet feed box! See the HubSpot twitter page again for a perfect example of this.

    Today I pinched a few co-workers for not wearing green, an occupational hazard when you work in a real office, but not when you are active in the virtual business world…can you tweet a pinch?

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!