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  • Not your typical social media gig

    We are looking for a new addition to our social media marketing team here at HyperArts.

    This is a temporary part-time position, and we are looking for local applicants ONLY (in the SF Bay Area, preferably Oakland).

    If you are interested and have the following applications, then please follow the instructions to email us. If you do not follow the instructions below, we will not consider you for a phone interview.


    • College education
    • Comfortable with Photoshop and Microsoft Office programs
    • Familiar with WordPress interface, for both blogs and websites
    • Advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS
    • Familiar with FBML or ready to learn
    • Social Media experience (you use social networks in your personal life and understand the benefits for businesses)
    • Very comfortable with social sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Delicious, LinkedIn, Flickr and most blogging platforms.
    • Excellent writing skills

    You should be:

    • Eager and quick to learn. Can you use search engines to find answers to your questions? Can you be an online detective and easily maneuver blog posts, discussion forums and social networks to find reliable and up-to-date information?
    • A people person. Do you work well with a group of people? Can you find humor in most situations? Your people skills must be translatable to online arenas as well…Can you make a Facebook Wall post sparkle and shine with your wit and personality?
    • Able to manage your own time without supervision. When given a task, can you keep track of your time and get things done quickly and efficiently? Can you find answers to questions on your own and report to a supervisor when needed?

    About us:

    HyperArts is primarily a web development and design company, but we also specialize in social media marketing and development. We are a fun-loving bunch who enjoy working hard while listening to music in the office.

    We are looking for a new member of the team who will be primarily working with our social media manager (Analisa) to develop social media strategies for clients and build custom templates and pages on Facebook.

    To Apply:

    You must follow these instructions in order to be considered for a phone interview.

    1. Send us an email with “Social Media Job” in the subject line;
    2. Provide us with your name, location, education and skills;
    3. Refer to the list of qualifications above, let us know which of your skills apply;
    4. Share any and all relevant links to your social web presence (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc);
    5. Tell us your availability;
    6. Let us know how to best reach you by phone and email.

    Emails should be sent to analisa at hyperarts dot com

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