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  • Recent Facebook Changes as of September 16, 2011

    Facebook has been making so many changes to the platform in the past week that it’s hard to keep up with them! This post will direct you to the appropriate Facebook pages where you can get more info and see demos of upcoming features.

    The Subscribe Button

    Facebook is adding a completely new feature to profiles, called the Subscribe Button. This button allows users to get updates from a person in their News Feed without actually being a friend or a fan. Many people have compared this functionality to Twitter, or Google +. It seems to me that Facebook has been listening to users, and wants to improve the platform to meet all of our needs. But it all depends on your settings, because you can still keep your profile completely private by NOT adding the subscribe button!

    In the next few days, you’ll start seeing this button on friends’ and others’ profiles. You can use it to:

    1. Choose what you see from people in News Feed
    2. Hear from people, even if you’re not friends
    3. Let people hear from you, even if you’re not friends

    Facebook Blog

    How do I get the Subscribe button?
    Go to this page to get your Subscribe button. Once you “allow subscribers” you can edit the settings.

    Once you have subscribers to your Profile, you can see them all on one tab, which you can see and access here, in the left column of your Profile:

    Subscribe Vs. Like?
    What is the difference between subscribing to a profile and becoming a Fan of a Public Figure Page? Facebook has a Page that explains, and this nice visual shows the differences:

    And it sounds like Facebook is encouraging some prominent figures to merge their Public Figure Page with their Profile:

    Share Insights on Individual Posts

    Another new feature that Facebook quietly rolled out this week: Share insights. You can now see how many people have shared your posts directly on the Wall. Before this change, Shares were like a silent promotion, you could essentially “re-post” another person or Page’s link/photo/video. For Page admins this metric will be valuable, because now we now how much reach our posts are getting on other Pages.

    Read more from Inside Facebook on the new Shares metric

    Facebook pushes the Recommend feature for Pages with an address

    You might have noticed that now, when you Like a Page on Facebook, you get a little pop-up box asking you to Recommend the Page to your friends. You can actually write a review directly in that box. Facebook seems to be using this method to promote the use of the relatively new Recommend feature that we saw a few months ago for the first time.

    When a user recommends your Page, those recommendations show up in a box in the right column. Page admins can “hide” unsavory reviews if they like, but users can still see hidden reviews if they look hard enough.

    The consensus on our Facebook Wall when I posted about this was that any Page can be recommended, not just Place Pages. Perhaps this pop-up appears randomly, but I only saw it on Places…

    Read more about the feature on All Facebook.

    Usernames for Pages no longer require 25 fans

    People have been excited to point out that Pages with less than 25 fans can now secure a username for their Page. The requirement used to be 25 fans, but today I was able to name 2 Pages with less than 10 fans. However, there seem to be some restrictions still in place.

    This Page that I tried to name has one fan and I cannot assign a username for some reason:

    You can read about usernames and how to claim them here.

    Read more about the change on All Facebook

    Facebook Bug Alert – iFrames not showing up for admins using Facebook as Page

    PAGE ADMINS: we are noticing that when you are using Facebook as your Page, you cannot see custom iFrame applications. This should not be a problem since all fans can still see your tabs. Just switch back to using Facebook as yourself and the problem will be gone.

    Share your thoughts!

    Which of these new Facebook features will prove most useful to Business and Organization Pages?


    1. Fantastic in-depth review of new Facebook changes- keep up your awesome work @Hyperarts:disqus 
      guys!  Loving the Share insights feature. 
      Thx again for always creating and sharing the most relevant and well-written web design content!

    2. Thank you for the overview! Much needed.

    3. Brilliant. The 5000 friend limit is now no longer a limit. That’s going to suit B-grade celebs down to the ground. 

    4. Brilliant. The 5000 friend limit is now no longer a limit. That’s going to suit B-grade celebs down to the ground. 

    5. Lovely stuff, now I have to get it out to my people & hope they listen!…

    6. The new facebook changes, while really great for individuals, not so great for fanpages 🙁 I noticed a ton of people really “disliking” the latest newsfeed changes (top posts/recent posts) – many people just want to see EVERYTHING in CHRONOLOGICAL order ALL THE TIME. So, to get around this, folks are creating a “list” and just adding all their friends to the list. Voilla – click the list and your newsfeed now contains all the friend posts in order….BUT – NO PAGE POSTS!! In order to see those, you have to ADD the pages into the list as well – and while I figured it out pretty easily, the average FB user won’t – or just won’t bother with doing it…Result? Folks filtering newsfeeds without page updates – terrible for page owners.

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