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  • Use Twitter's New Image Uploader to Engage Followers

    By now you might have used Twitter’s new photo uploading feature. Unless you don’t use the site, since every other Twitter client already has a tweet-a-photo feature. Thanks to image hosting by @photobucket, users can now upload a picture directly to Twitter to accompany their tweets.

    Some people think this means an end to third-party image uploading sites like Twitpic, as stated in this article from AllTwitter:

    This seriously undermines the usefulness of third-party photo uploader services like TwitPic, as the official Twitter version is easier to use, doesn’t require a click away from, and will likely have all of the features of its competitors, if not more, in the future.

    Lauren Dugan of AllTwitter

    Read more about how to use the new feature in Twitter’s help center.

    Question: how can this new feature be used by your business or organization to engage with followers? Here is an example I found of a Twitter account actively encouraging fans to use the new image uploader feature as part of a promotion:

    @RoomtoRead found an interesting way to get fans involved by asking them to tweet a picture of themselves with their favorite books. They also used # hashtags to keep track of everyone participating in the project.

    How can your business use this new feature? Please share your ideas or examples you have seen in the comments below!


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