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  • HYPERlinks Nov 29 2011: A Weekly Roundup of Links to Great Design, Web Tools and Services

    Web Development and Design Resources for Web Developers

    HYPERlinks: November 29, 2011

    This is a weekly blog series where we share links to Web development and design tools and services, as well as websites we feel are exceptional and/or exemplary. You can expect a fresh batch of links from around the Web each week. Stay tuned!

    And let us know if you have Web resources you would like to share with our audience.

    Jenni Schwartz / Designer

    Become a Layer Mayor

    The Photoshop Etiquette Manifesto for Web Designers is a collection of ways to improve the clarity of a Photoshop file when transferred. Designers stay organized, developers stay happy. Fist bumps all around.

    Get inspired with SiteInspire

    Whenever we need a little extra inspiration we turn to SiteInspire, a gallery showcasing the latest and best in web design and CSS. Search websites by style, type and theme or you can browse the individuals and agencies behind the sites by visiting the directory.

    Dribbble, where designers can show and tell

    On Dribbble players (members who can post) share shots—small 400×300 pixel screenshots of the designs and applications they are working on. All players are drafted (invited) by members. Having members take responsibility for those they draft sharpens the focus on sharing high-quality work.

    Rachel Tietjen / WordPress Programmer

    Premium Slideshow Plugin

    Flexible WordPress plugin for easily adding slideshows to your site.  The backed options make it easy to add new slideshows,  3d Carousels, and galleries. Options include showing thumbnails, looping slideshow, adding captions, music, a location map and more.  Add as many slideshows and galleries as you want to posts and pages through shortcodes.  This is a premium plugin, so it offers better support and continual updates as WordPress keeps evolving. 

    Adobe Web Tool – Generate Color Schemes

    A web-hosted application by Adobe for generating and sharing color themes. Useful for designing themes. Check out the popular color schemes that other people have made or create your own by uploading a photo and it will create a color scheme for you based on the colors in the picture!

    Favicon Tool

    Here is a great tool for easily creating a favicon for your website. Just upload a square image (gif, jpg, png, or bmp) and the tool will do the rest of the work for you. Follow the instructions on the page to add the favicon to your site if you don’t know how already.

    Jason Amor / Facebook Designer & Developer

    Email Coding Resource

    Uh oh, one of your loyal customers needs you to code an email for them. With so many different email clients and browsers, all adhering to a different set of standards, you know how difficult that can be. Before you run home with tears in your eyes and eat an entire box of Pop-Tarts (those are 200 calories each, surprisingly), I encourage you to take a look at Emailology. is an all-inclusive online resort of email coding knowledge. It offers a boilerplate, which makes for a great jump-off point when beginning your project. Additionally, the website offers a Standards Guide, Character Converter, and perhaps the most valuable section of the site––Client Tips & Tricks, where you’ll find coding tips for nearly every email client you can think of.


    Super cool app for building and styling HTML right in your browser. See your markup take shape as soon as you edit the CSS. Easily share or download your code once you’re finished.


    User-submitted images that are easy to flip through and find inspiration. You can even search by color.

    Analisa Svehaug / Social Media & Project Manager

    Fun with 404 Pages

    We have a soft spot for the number 404 here at HyperArts since it’s our office suite number!
    This blog post from Carrot Creative has a bunch of examples of 404 pages from other creative agencies. I especially like Freshthrills’s 404 page, oh snap!
    And this web designer has also used the 404 page to be creative and hilarious (just keep scrolling…)
    And because I love all things Pinterest, I had to include their classy 404 page.

    Share your favorite 404 page in the comments!

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