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  • HYPERlinks Dec 7 2011: A Weekly Roundup of Links to Great Design, Web Tools and Services

    Web Development and Design Resources for Web Developers

    HYPERlinks: December 7, 2011

    This week, Bill shares his love of jQuery, Daniel finds out if his links are too old to Tweet, Tim locates resources for adding new custom shapes to your Photoshop arsenal, and Jenni comes clean about her addiction…to fonts. Read on to find even more useful links for Web designers and developers.

    Feel free to share your favorite industry links in the comments.

    Bill Dailey - HyperArts Programmer & Project Manager

    Bill Dailey / Project Manager & Programmer

    Getting Started With jQuery: A Beginner’s Resource Guide

    As a web developer, I have a fondness for all things that are compatible with the multitude of web browsers out there. I love jQuery for its simple, yet powerful nature and how well it deals with all the differences in browser capabilities. If you are new to jQuery, this article from Noupe is a great resource to move you from being curious to an active user.

    Now see the kinds of things that jQuery can do for you

    Once you know a bit of jQuery, the real fun begins since there are thousands of “plugins” available for jQuery. A plugin allows you to extend the basic jQuery code to something very specific, and often very cool. This article lists some of the best plugins that have been released recently.

    How to Focus Your Energy Like a Laser Beam

    If you are feeling a lack of motivation lately, this article from the folks at Work Awesome can help you get back on track. They recommend setting “Why” goals and then finding a way to keep yourself accountable. Might as well get a head start on your 2012 resolutions!

    Daniel Dy-Liacco / Front-end Developer

    Is it Old?

    Have you ever shared an article or link on Twitter or Facebook and you were met with an onslaught of replies like, “That’s so old” or “I remember that. Thanks for the memories” or “Oh, my grandma sent me that link two years ago”? Well, you can save yourself the embarrassment by going to Is it Old? to check your URL for its freshness. If the site is really, really old, like this favorite, Down for everyone or just me?, from several years ago, you’ll be informed that it is “DEAD” and that you should “abort” your attempt to share the link. If it’s a fresh one, like Is it Old? itself (so meta!), then you’ll be told it’s “MAD FRESH!” (natch). Other links I’ve tried return a “REALLY OLD” (a 22-day-old link) or a “KINDA OK” (a link first tweeted today but has been tweeted 200 times).

    Site-wide Markup Validation

    The W3C’s Markup Validation Service checks the markup of single pages on a website. A new beta service, W3Clove, does site-wide markup validation with just one click!

    WordCamp SF Videos

    Videos of the sessions from WordCamp SF, which I attended remotely last August 2011, have been posted. I don’t know how long they’ve been up, but I’m just glad they are (and no, I won’t use Is it Old? on the link since I’m pretty sure it is). Anyway, a couple of my favorites are Awesome Up Your Boring Theme: WordPress Post Formats by Ian Stewart and Responsive Web Design by Sara Cannon. I’m excited that these two developments are very much a part of building WordPress websites.

    Tim Ware / SEO, Web Design & Development

    Free and/or Cheap Photoshop Custom Shapes

    Photoshop’s Custom Shapes tool comes in quite handy when you need a nice thought bubble, or street sign or other shape. Don’t limit yourself to the ones that come with CS5! The following sites offer free or inexpensive custom shapes you can easily add to your library:

    1. Designzzz (free)
    2. Tutorial Blog (free)
    3. Adobe Site – Paid, but cheap

    Classic Color Meter

    If you’ve upgraded your Mac to OS X Lion, and you’re a designer, you may have noticed that the app DigitalColor Meter has gone missing. The app measured and displayed the color values you moused over on your screen, and I know I used it constantly.

    Well, it’s back, sort of. There’s
    an app called “Classic Color Meter” available for 99 cents in the App Store
    and it restores all the features of DigitalColor App.

    Support for Flash in Email Clients – Don’t even consider it!

    Ironically, it seems the only email client that supports Flash in HTML emails is MacMail. All others don’t support Flash at all.

    Jenni Schwartz / Designer

    Great iPhone and iPad Apps for Designers

    Are you having designer’s block?

    The Web Designer’s Idea App showcases the sites included in volume 1 and 2 of The Web Designer’s Idea Books. The app includes 1,200+ web designs categorized by color, design style, type, theme, element and structure.

    My name is Jenni and I’m a fontaholic.

    I love to use the FontBook™ app to look up and view fonts by name, style category, typographical subclassification, designer name, and foundry name. FontBook™ is the world’s most comprehensive typographic reference tool, containing 110 typefoundries and featuring over 620,000 typeface specimens.

    Checking things off never felt so good!
    If you like making lists, you’ll love The TeuxDeux iPhone App. It is a bare-bones, but visually compelling and highly usable on the go to-do app.

    What is YOUR favorite iPhone or Android app that helps get you through the work day?

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