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  • Spammy & Annoying Facebook Applications – How to Remove Them

    Do you have a Facebook application that keeps spamming you with invites or requests? Here’s how to get rid of these annoying applications.

    Click once on your “Account” link in the upper right corner to bring up the options:

    Remove Facebook App - Account Settings

    Click on “Privacy Settings” to access your privacy settings.

    In Privacy Settings, near the bottom of the page, under “Applications and websites” click “Edit your settings”:

    Privacy Settings

    Under the display of application icons, click “Remove unwanted or spammy applications.” (Caution: Don’t click “Remove all platform applications unless you’re certain you don’t want any.)


    In the popup menu, select the applications you want to remove, or select all (Careful! If you use the Static FBML application, make sure you don’t remove it!)

    And that’s it! Your spammy, annoying applications are gone, and you’ll never again get an offer to adopt a snake or become a werewolf from that weird kid you knew in high school. Or whatever it is those apps ask you do…


    1. Hi Tim,

      I just read in my newsfeed that my aunt “liked” Hyperarts on Facebook. So funny, since my aunt is absolutely not technical, she´s a writer/journalist and I guess she´s looking into Facebook to connect with her readers.

      I´ve been following this blog for months and it´s great to see it turn into one of the main references for Facebook Page development.

      Someone once gave this great advice regading social media: “Give something valuable. Give wide. Give freely. Some of it will eventually come back.” – You just proved that.

      (BTW that someone was Peter da Vanzo on 🙂


      • Matt, Thanks for the uplifting message! As you know, I usually get questions, many from people who just don’t read things thoroughly, and that’s fine, actually (except for the not reading part :), so a message like this is like a fresh breeze…. Best of luck!

    2.  hey, thanks for info. Badoo application have spammed my facebook and email for a while.
      Online RN to BSN

    3. Irwin Collier says:

      This is perfect! Now if only I can get my friends to stop inviting me to this junk.

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