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  • How to Improve your SEO Ranking with a Single Drupal Module

    The Benefits of the Drupal CMS and SEO

    One of the really cool things about using Drupal as a CMS (aka “Content Management System) is that it has a rich community of developers who are constantly contributing to the heap of custom modules you can use to extend your site.

    That’s right. Free code, yours for the taking.  By using Drupal, you essentially get hundreds of hours of development for free under an open source license to use as you wish.its

    One such instance of free code is “SEO Checklist” an SEO module developed for Drupal that can improve your SEO performance with a quick install and very little configuration.

    The SEO Checklist Module for Drupal

    What is this magical module, pray tell? Well, of course, it’s the SEO Checklist Module!

    Although this Drupal module doesn’t technically improve your SEO, it provides a really specific checklist through which you can go step-by-step to improve your SEO rank.

    Many of the checklist items are simple, e.g. modules you can install, services you should sign up for like Google Webmaster Tools, and HTML validation.

    A look under the hood of the Drupal SEO Checklist Module

    Want a sneak peak? Here are a few screenshots.


    Taking the steps to improve your search engine ranking

    For your viewing pleasure, here’s a list of things that the Drupal SEO Checklist Module suggests that you do – and for which the module provides a handy checklist you can use to track your progress:

    • Enable clean urls
    • Add meta tags to all your pages (easy to do in Drupal)
    • Validate your site at
    • Check all your links at at
    • Submit your XML sitemap to Bing and Yahoo.
    • Set up and configure Google Webmaster Tools.

    Final thoughts about the Drupal SEO Checklist Module

    And there you have it folks. This is of course just a quick overview. By installing this module, you can see the categories these tasks fall into and also review some of the extras that aren’t necessarily related to SEO, but are good to do for your Drupal site performance or security.

    Remember, SEO improvement is an iterative process. Don’t be overwhelmed. Anything is better than nothing. Get the low hanging fruit off your list first, then start drilling down on the tougher nuts to crack. But of course, that’s another blog post entirely!

    How about you? What are your thoughts? Is the SEO Checklist module missing anything? Please share!

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    Casey Cobb is a partner and developer at Ricochet Consulting, Inc.



    1. Thanks for reviewing the SEO checklist! We just released v.4 – the first full release for Drupal 7. And now there is a Checklist API module so that anyone can build a Drupal * Checklist module easily. Enjoy!

    2. caseycobb says:

      Ben, super cool! Thanks for sharing!

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