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  • Featured Web Design and Development Projects: Ubisoft Just Dance and Propel Contest Microsite

    Project Overview

    CLIENT: Ubisoft, leading producer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment products.

    PROJECT: Just Dance 3 and Propel Zero Just Create Dance Contest Microsite


    TECHNOLOGY: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, My SQL, Web Service, Facebook XFBML.

    Ubisoft, creators of the Just Dance 3 video game, approached us with this project, asking us to design and develop a microsite that would host a special co-branded contest. Propel Zero engery water was their co-sponsor, so the site needed to be designed to reflect both the Just Dance 3 and Propel Zero brands.

    The contest, with a grand prize of $20,000, is specifically for users of Just Create, a program on the Just Dance 3 for XBox 360 game. Players can choreograph and perform their own dances with XBox 360 Kinect technology. Once a dance is created and uploaded to the Just Create website, users are prompted to visit the microsite where they can enter the contest.

    Our task was to design a co-branded micro-site that achieved the following goals:

    • Clearly display instructions for entering the contest;
    • Connect the site’s Registration page with the Ubisoft UPlay database backend so that a user could Register their already uploaded Just Create videos via a simple form;
    • Video Gallery: Gather all registered video entries into a Video Gallery sortable by username, date and most popular;
    • Display each individual video on a separate player page;
    • Integrate Facebook Like and Send buttons, both for voting (and measuring video popularity) and viral sharing of the contest.

    Our Approach to Design

    Our team first met with Ubisoft to kick off the project. We discussed the importance of co-branding to reflect the two sponsors of the contest: Just Dance and Propel. We would be using assets from both brands and creating a micro-site that would clearly reflect the two brands.

    We were encouraged to use the following two websites as inspiration for creating the dual aesthetic. As you can see, the brands have very different aesthetics. It was a fun challenge for our designer to find a way to combine and balance the two:

    Just Dance 3 Site

    Propel Zero Site

    Our Approach to Development — Database Integration

    Our programmer also had a unique challenge, namely, integrating the stand-alone site with the existing Ubisoft backend.  It was crucial that we were able to detect a user’s Ubisoft UPlay username and password, which would be entered on the Registration page, in order to find their recently uploaded Just Create dance video in the Ubisoft UPlay database. This video would then be added to the microsite’s database, allowing it to appear in the Video Gallery.

    To meet these goals we designed a microsite-specific database that contains all of the data necessary to display the entries on the microsite as well as link the entries to the Ubisoft UPlay account database.  The microsite database is connected to the backend by a
    custom-designed web service.  Ubisoft IT personnel use the web service to add new entries to the microsite database, update entries after a successful registration, and monitor activity on the microsite. Throughout the project we worked closely with Ubisoft to ensure a smooth flow through all the steps and that the data processing was efficient and reliable.

    Other features include using Facebook’s JavaScript API to detect a click on the Like button and update the database for the specified video.

    Website Features

    • Home Page with video, instructions and co-branding.
    • Official Rules page.
    • Video Gallery with all entries. Users can sort entries by username, date and popularity. There is also basic Search functionality.
    • Individual Video Player pages for each video. Each video has a Facebook Like and Send button, for voting and sharing. Each video player page also features other videos to encourage browsing.
    • Registration page for users who have just uploaded their video via Ubisoft website.
    • Confirmation page for users who have successfully submitted a video to the contest.
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