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  • Changes to Facebook Profiles and Why They Matter

    Why Are Profiles Important?

    As you may know, or perhaps you read it here before, it’s important to have a personal Facebook Profile if you want to administer Business/Fan Pages (learn more here). Even if you do not wish to share personal information with friends on Facebook, a profile is the necessary starting point and gateway to building and maintaining a Page.

    What It Means

    The recent updates to the Profile Page layout mainly emphasize personal information and relationships.  You can now see all basic facts about a friend at the top of their Profile Page. This info lives where Tabs used to be. Remember, you can control who sees all of this info in your privacy settings. You can even make yourself invisible in Facebook searches.


    There is a much greater emphasis on relationships in the new Facebook Profiles, which goes hand-in-hand with some other features added to Facebook recently. You may have noticed that you can actually visit a “friendship” page that outlines the relationship between two people. If someone posts on your Wall, you will see this option under their post, to “see friendship”:

    Then you see a page that highlights all of your interactions on Facebook, including conversations you have had and photos you are both tagged in:

    The Like Button

    The new Profile also highlights Interest and Activities, which is the most important part for businesses and organizations that want to promote their Facebook Pages, or websites. We have all seen the Like button on websites, and we all know that you can Like a Page to become a Fan. Well this is where all of that Liking comes into play.

    When you Like anything, be it with Facebook’s social plugins on other websites or on Facebook itself, you are adding information to your Profile, even though you don’t see it happen. When I “Like” a post on the HyperArts blog, I am actually adding that item to a list of my interests:

    Facebook categorizes what we Like as well. If you Like a band or musician Page on Facebook, it will show up under the “Arts and Entertainment” section of your Interests, along with Movies and Television:

    Of course, whether or not most people can see this is up to the individual and their privacy settings. But Facebook knows.

    New Features

    Here is a list of the new features, which you can see once you switch over to the new Profile format and take the mini tour.

    1. New Info

    2. New Tab location and Navigation

    3. Detailed Info

    4. Interests and Activities (Pages you have Liked)

    Learn More

    To update your Profile to the new layout, visit Facebook’s official announcement page, where you can also watch a video about the changes.

    Read more from Facebook about the updates and how to use privacy settings with the new layout.

    Mark Zuckerberg did an interview on 60 minutes on the night of the new profile layout release. See it here.

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