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  • Facebook's Commitment to Privacy – Mark Zuckerberg's Recent Announcement

    Yesterday on the Facebook Blog, Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made several comments on Facebook’s privacy policy, and announced the settlement of charges against Facebook by the US Federal Trade Commission. He promised to make a “clear and formal long-term commitment” to improving Facebook’s privacy and transparency.

    He also summarized the major recent changes to the Facebook platform, most of which give users more control over their privacy settings:

    In the last 18 months alone, we’ve announced more than 20 new tools and resources designed to give you more control over your Facebook experience. Some of the things these include are:

    Zuckerberg also announced two new positions at Facebook dedicated entirely to improving privacy, and he reiterated that his goal is to make users feel safe when sharing their personal information on the Web.

    After a lot of criticism from users regarding privacy, it sounds like Facebook is making a big effort to gain back trust. But will these changes do the trick?

    It seems that regardless of the back-end changes or internal dedication to privacy, Facebook will always have a hard time convincing users that their information is completely private and safe. Is the concept of “private” sharing online simply too much of an oxymoron to even imagine?

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