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  • Facebook's New Recommendations Feature for Pages

    UPdATE 7/14/2011
    Yesterday I saw this “official” message from Facebook referring to the “new” Recommendations feature on our Page:

    It seems like Facebook has finally rolled this feature out to all Pages. Now you can recommend your favorite restaurants or brands or companies to others:

    * * * * * * * * * * *

    Have you been seeing Facebook’s new Recommendations box in the right column of Pages that you admin or visit? This is a relatively new feature that allows users to add a message/endorsement to a Page. I don’t think “recommend” is the best description for this, because you are basically giving a review, which could even be negative.


    Here is the recommend box, as I see it, on the HyperArts Fan Page:

    And on a few other Pages as well:

    When I posted my review on the Chop Bar Page (our favorite neighborhood restuarant), a post also showed up on the Wall of my Personal Profile:

    Potential for Negative Reviews

    This feature is different from the Recommend button, which implies a positive endorsement. Some buttons DO let you add a comment, but the act of “recommending” is not a negative one.  This feature is similar, except it lives on the Page itself, and allows you to say anything you want. Plus, you can publish without mediation…could this turn into a Page admin’s worst nightmare?

    There is an option to report any of the comments on your own Page, so in theory you should be able to remove inappropriate or irrelevant comments.

    However, when you click the report button, as a Page admin, you get these options:

    I can report this comment as abuse or spam, but does that guarantee that the comment will go away? This reminds me of the Reviews application that many Pages have chosen NOT to use because they cannot control the nature of comments. We used to have a Reviews tab on the HyperArts Page, with mostly rave reviews. But there were just a few abusive and nonsense reviews that we flagged as spam but could not remove, forcing us to delete the entire tab. Facebook never responded to our reports of abuse.

    Can’t See the Recommendations Section?

    Many people have said that they cannot see this new feature (as of 6/1/2011), so I suspect that it is being rolled out to selected users. It also seems to be only available on certain Pages, because I do not see the option to recommend many of the Pages that I like or administer.

    I would love to hear any of your thoughts and findings on this matter, so leave me a comment or post on the HyperArts Facebook Wall.


    1. Doesn’t show up here in Mexico for the mentioned pages.
      So, FB is probably rolling it out over time.

    2. Interesting stuff – thanks, Tim. It will be great to see how this plays out. I don’t see it on any of my ‘admin’ pages yet (while viewing as a fake user).

    3. Ahh so it looks like Facebook is trying to slide something new in to the mix, thanks for the heads up Tim. I just checked the Facebook pages for my small businesses and it doesn’t seem to be showing, it’s also not showing on my brands Facebook page either.

      I’ll be curious to see how the recommendation boxes play out, I like the idea of getting customer feedback and being recommended is always nice too.

    4. As a business, I would welcome the negative posts as much as the positive. The feedback is so critically important to growth, businesses need to know how they are doing. If something isn’t working, this gives a good opportunity to address it in Facebook and work to resolve. If it’s a good comment, so much the better. Great post, thanks for sharing!

      • Analisa says:

        Great point Lisa! It’s a similar situation to Yelp, where businesses have to struggle with negative reviews. On Yelp, an owner can respond to negative comments with an apology or explanation, but with this Recommendations feature there does not seem to be a way for the business itself to respond. That would be nice 🙂

      • Brittany Walsh says:

        The problem is that the page owner does not have the option to respond to negative OR positive comments on the “recommendation” portion of their page. This is going to be detrimental to businesses, as responding to negative feedback is what we are all told to do. 

    5. Nothing showing here yet. Will keep an eye out. Another good feature for Pages and marketing your business!

    6. Analisa says:

      Another idea I had: are these Recommendations linked at all to the Recommend button? For instance, if I Recommend a Page from their website, will my endorsement show up on their FB Page?

    7. Wow, that could really be a bit of a game changer. It could potentially become extremely important to continually monitor social reactions to your business, in that case. I wonder to what extent businesses will be able to protect themselves against malicious comments, while at the same time allowing genuine criticism to take place. I remember reading a few months ago about a cosmetic surgeon in the US threatening with legal action the (many) customers who wrote damning reviews. This may turn into a minefield for customer and business, alike.

    8. Very interesting – haven’t seen this yet.

      To pick up on Lisa’s comment – reviews, both positive and negative, are something that business owners have to deal with on Google Places, Yelp, CitySearch, etc. so why should FB be any different? Those other sites do allow business owners to respond (though it did take Google a while to offer that) and I would hope FB would give that option also when they roll this out to a wider audience.

      • Fair point. There’s certainly no reason why any business should be able to advertise on free platforms such as facebook without customers having the possibility of reviewing them. Otherwise the viewing audience has no choice but to assume that all information is spam.

        There’s clearly so many businesses, good and not-so-good, using facebook as a tool for promotion, that it’ll be interesting to see what effect these developments will have on them.

    9. When the recommendations box started appearing for some of our clients we were relieved. They must have rolled this out in batches like most their releases. Hopefully people don’t abuse this new power!

    10. Agree with Rich K., matches up with what Google/Yelp is doing and as long as businesses have a chance to make things right seems like a cool feature. We haven’t seen it yet on our pages.

    11. Hmmmmm – I wasn’t aware of this – thanks! I have a business page and will need to look into this. I try to get reviews from customers online like Google Places and such – this looks like the Facebook version of that.

      Thanks again 🙂

    12. I am not able to comment on a customers recommendation of my business page.  Is this just a glitch or is this not an option anymore?  I’d like to thank them.

    13.  Hi Deb. It’s strange – I can comment on some of my recommendations, but not on others…I wonder if users can allow or not allow that when they submit? Or perhaps it has to do with the privacy setting that a user chooses when they recommend?

    14. The recommendation box suddenly vanished from my client’s pages. However, looking at the Chop Bar facebook page (link in the article above), you can see that it has a recommendation box.

      This makes me wonder if it’s not a temporary measure for pages randomly selected/affected.

      • I can’t shed any light on this. There are certain things Facebook does that remain mysterious. The whole issue of how to get the recommendations box or how to get rid of it comes up a lot.
        Generally, Facebook adds it to pages that include a physical address in their Info, turning a Page in a Place.

    15. I hate it and am trying to get rid of the recommendation box. I delete them all but they all come back. It makes me want to get rid of facebook I find it so annoying.

    16. Jessica Johnston says:

      I received a negative rating on my page from someone who hasn’t even used my services, however i only know this because a friend of mine brought it to my attention. The rating in question, is not visible for me. How do I remove a rating I can’t see!? PLEASE HELP!

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