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  • Facebook Announces New Static FBML Cutoff: March 18, 2011

    Mar 30, 2011: Static FBML app can no longer be added to Pages as of today. Pages that have the app installed can continue to edit their tabs, but they CAN’T create new tabs.

    Per Facebook’s announcement last Summer, we knew that Facebook’s Static FBML application, as well as FBML in general, were to be phased out. Facebook encouraged developers to create iFrame applications and use XFBML (aka Social Plugins) for interacting with the Facebook API.

    Although Facebook originally announced March 11, 2011 as the cutoff date for creating FBML canvas applications or adding the Static FBML application to your Fan Page, they now say on the developer blog that the cutoff has been pushed back to Friday, March 18:

    Starting Friday, March 18th, you will no longer be able to create new FBML apps and Pages will no longer be able to add the Static FBML app. While all existing apps on Pages using FBML or the Static FBML app will continue to work, we strongly recommend that these apps transition to iframes as soon as possible.

    How This Affects your Static FBML Tabs

    Although Facebook will be terminating the ability to add Static FBML to your Fan Page, Facebook also says Static FBML “will continue to work,” and many Page admins wonder if they’ll still be able to add new custom tabs, up to the limit of 10 tabs, after March 18.

    If you take “continue to work” to mean function as it always has then, yes, you should be able to add new tabs with your Static FBML application up to the limit of 10 tabs. Cat Lee, Product Marketing Manager at Facebook, stated in response to a question about Static FBML that admins would still have the ability to edit their custom Static FBML tabs after the cutoff date.

    I will do some testing on Friday, March 18, and post the results here. Then the question will be answered!


    1. What will we be able to use after the cutoff to modify/add tabs to Pages created after this date?

    2. I have only seeen one of the new fan pages using this format so far! Robert Bryan Anthony’s page is awsome!Robert is legally blind but that doesen’t stop him from being inspiring and helpful to his friends and comarketers!His page should win!I’m going to work to get mine as nice as his!

    3. thanks for the info (again) 🙂

    4. after the cutoff still we can update our fan pages or not?

    5. First off, thanks so much for all of the useful articles!

      I’ve made several of the old FBML pages for clients and now want to switch to the new ones, so I read your first tutorial about the new app/page system and created an app. This might be a really “duh” question but I haven’t seen the answer yet.. Can anyone find a client’s app and add it to their page? How can you prevent someone from stealing your work by just adding the app to their page?

      • OK .. I see now that you don’t have to add your app to the directory. If you don’t add it, is it only findable if you direct link it then? (So I would make the app on a master account and then visit the link on the clients account to add)

    6. We recently began building all new client fan pages in iframes (thanks in no small part to the excellent tutorials provided here – thanks Tim). Running across an issue and wondering if anyone else is encountering the same. When a visitor goes to one of our fan pages for the first time, the iframe does not load. If you F5 (refresh) it shows up fine, and works as it should. Seems always the first visit requires a refresh. Is this perhaps a bug, or are we missing a step? Anyone else having this problem?

    7. Hi Tim ,

      Everyone says you are the most qualified person in the area.
      I am trying hard to find a solution for my problem and I think only you can help me with this. I am frustrated !!
      There is a music page >

      I wonder how they manage to do this >
      After someone clicks the “Like” button , the facebook somehow moves from the “FreeDownload” to “Bandpage” tag !
      This is what I want to achieve , but I can’t . I am looking for the solution many days now.

      I would much appreciate your experienced support.
      Thank you ,

      • Hi Maria, They do that using a JavaScript redirect.

        Just add this bit of JavaScript at the top of your fans-only content:

        <script type=”text/javascript”>
        top.window.location = ‘http://URL-OF-DESTINATION-TAB’;

        That should do it!

        • Hi Tim !

          Thank you very much for your kind reply!!
          Is it possible , please, to post a code example from scratch , how to make this happen cause now all moved to iframes !!!!
          I was using FBML to get it work and now I just figured out that is outdated. 🙁
          I have read your tutorials how to make an index.php file and to use mine servers, but I am not sure what I have to write inside the index.php to get the same results.
          I appreciate your kind support.

          Thank you again Tim,

          • Ok I just managed everything is ok !

            Tim you are a genius ! Thank you so much!
            One last thing.

            How much is the default time in miliseconds for redirecting using your script ?
            Is that adjustable ? I would like to redirect a little bit fast if it’s possible.

            Thank you again Tim !

    8. I was able to add FBML to a new page just 5 minutes ago. Same as usual.

      • Hah! So much for THAT deadline. Let’s how it is by end of day. I’m sure the cutoff for adding Static FBML is imminent.

    9. @Maria – It should redirect to the new URL as soon as the JavaScript loads. I’m not aware of any way to make it faster than that.

      Congrats on getting it working! Now you can really enjoy the weekend!

      • Thank you so much and for your other tutorials.

        You are a genius and with a so kind heart !!!
        I can really enjoy my weekend , and I owe that to you !
        Thank you again and have a great weekend too !

    10. I have to ask, today is March 25th, but I can still add Static FBML as usual. Does that mean that Facebook is not shutting it down after all ?

      • I don’t know what it means, but they often blow announced deadlines. Nothing new there. I’m sure the axe will fall soon. Get while you can!

    11. As of March 30, 2011
      >> Can’t find any luck. Can’t no longer add “static fbml”
      on my page. The “Add to my page” link does not appear when I go to the Static FBML page. Anyone, experiencing same prob?


      • It’s not a problem, Jen. Facebook finally did what they said they were going to do on March 18 …. they eliminated the ability to add the Static FBML app to Pages.

        Pages that already have the app installed can continue to edit their custom tabs, but they can’t create any new Static FBML tabs.

    12. Tim is correct.

    13. please does the “cut off” affect an existing FBML page not to work as a landing page. I was able to create one just before the cut off and set it as the landing page but its the wall that shows when the page is visited 🙁

      • Hi Diyo. Not that I’m aware of. Remember that page admins will ALWAYS see the Wall by default. Only non-fans of the page can be directed to a specific landing tab.

    14. Hello Tim!
      I am so unlucky!
      I should have seen your post earlier…
      No more static fbml for facebook pages. 🙁
      But i am wondering if there is any other way to add a tab in a page!??
      Thank you in advance.

    15. Hi, tnx for the article! I already used FBML to create a page for a client here Now some of my clients saw the page and they want the same for their fanpages. It’s a sad thing that FBML has been scrapped, what other APPs can I use to create such content again as my clients don’t understand when I tell them it’s been scrapped.

    16. I saw the link for TabPress but it doesn’t provide options for multiple Tabs only uses one. What can be done to that?

    17. Hi Tim,
      I am new here and am planning to create fanpages. Now that Static FBML is gone,where should I start? Will you be publishing more tutorials and videos for the new fanpage interface? Please do.
      Thanks for allthe help.

    18. cre8tvnrg says:

      I had a Static FBML tab on my website prior to the cut off – I simply had a jpg uploaded to this tab. I needed to change out the jpg, i named it the same name and uploaded it to my server and replaced the old jpg but the old image still shows. I refreshed and don’t think it’s a cache thing…any ideas? Are we allowed to edit a FBML app after the cut off?

      • In the image URL, try adding this: “?v=10.1″:

        <img src=”” />

        I think it may be a caching issue. As I understand it, and my experience has been, you can continue editing Static FBML tabs.

    19. Hi,

      If you still have to use ‘Static FBML’ application, you can add it to your page by clicking : PAGE ID HERE]&app_id=4949752878

    20. My question is Can I add 10 FBML tabs in my facebook page.?