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  • Archives for March 2011

    Facebook's New Questions Feature

    Where are they coming from?

    Today someone asked Jason, my fellow HyperArtiste, a “Question” on his personal profile. It was a completely new format to us. Perhaps, we thought, a feature being rolled out to select users?

    Jason responded to the Question and saw that many other friends and friends of friends were also sharing their input. He decided to try asking his own Question. A new icon had appeared over his “What’s New?” status bar:

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    Using Facebook as Your Page: A New Tool for Page Admins

    Pages, they are a-changin’

    By now you should be familiar with Facebook’s new Page layout (see Tim’s recent article on the Social Media Examiner if you still have questions). Besides the new layout and Admin features, there is one little easy-to-miss option that could potentially have a big impact for the way you use Facebook. Page Admins may have noticed the new link on their Pages that gives them the option to use Facebook as their Page.

    When you click “Use Facebook as (Your Page)” you leave your Profile-self behind and enter a new Facebook entirely. When you post on another Page Wall, you represent your Page, not yourself. Of course, if you have created a Page for yourself as a public figure, this could look very different. But typically Pages represent a business or organization, not just one person.Continue Reading…

    TabPress: Discontinued!

    TabPress - Free iFrame Page Tab Creator

    We are discontinuing the free TabPress Facebook Tab App as of April 1, 2012.

    If you are currently using our app, you’ll need to transition to another Facebook custom-tab creator. I recommend Static HTML — if you’re looking for an app similar to TabPress where you can simply paste code into boxes.

    And there are many, many other free iFrame apps.


    Facebook iFrame Tabs: After Liking, Redirect Fans to a Different Tab with Reveal

    Facebook Page Tab ProgrammingSomeone posted a question on our blog this morning asking how a certain Fan Page redirected users to a different tab after they clicked to Like the page.

    Now that Facebook supports iFrames in page tabs, redirecting a user from one tab to another tab (or to any URL) after they have Liked the page is quite simple, using just a bit of JavaScript.



    • This can only be done on the index page of a Facebook iFrame application page tab. You can’t do this with Static FBML!;
    • There would be no fan-only content on this tab, as it will redirect to the specified URL permanently for fans. Of course, you might want to put a message there for those users who might have JavaScript turned off in their browser. Just provide the redirect URL as a link for fans who don’t have JavaScript (a rarity).

    When creating your Reveal tab iFrame application, just add this bit of code at the beginning of the fan-only content:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    if (top != self) top.window.location = 'http://URL-OF-DESTINATION-TAB';

    What the above JavaScript does is load the “top.window.location” URL, overwriting the current page — “top” refers to the “parent” page which is the Facebook page into which the iFramed page is embedded.

    As mentioned above, because this is accomplished using JavaScript, fans with JavaScript disabled in their browser will not be redirected. So you could put alternate content for that possibility, perhaps “Click here to ….” linked to the redirect URL.

    So there it is. Pretty easy!

    Facebook Announces New Static FBML Cutoff: March 18, 2011

    Mar 30, 2011: Static FBML app can no longer be added to Pages as of today. Pages that have the app installed can continue to edit their tabs, but they CAN’T create new tabs.

    Per Facebook’s announcement last Summer, we knew that Facebook’s Static FBML application, as well as FBML in general, were to be phased out. Facebook encouraged developers to create iFrame applications and use XFBML (aka Social Plugins) for interacting with the Facebook API.

    Although Facebook originally announced March 11, 2011 as the cutoff date for creating FBML canvas applications or adding the Static FBML application to your Fan Page, they now say on the developer blog that the cutoff has been pushed back to Friday, March 18:
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    Suggest a Facebook Page that Best Takes Advantage of the New Layout, and Win Enchantment!

    NOTE: My article is finished, but please feel free to submit your fine work here for awhile.

    Submit a Page — and it doesn’t have to be yours — that best takes advantage of Facebook’s new Page layout and win a signed copy Guy Kawasaki’s excellent new book Enchantment.

    Facebook’s new Page layout allows for a much more complete branding experience, giving over most of the masthead, left column and main content area to brands to make it their own. I think it’s a vast improvement over the previous layout.

    I am going to be writing a blog post discussing the design and branding possibilities that have opened up with the introduction of Facebook’s new Fan Page layouts, and I will feature several Pages that best take advantage of the new layout and features.

    I am seeking submissions of Pages — and they don’t have to be your own — that best exhibit creative use of the following:

    • The Profile Picture
      Does the Profile Picture connect well to the Photostrip and the other tabs? Is it well designed? If it contains messaging, is this utilized attractively and effectively?
    • The Photostrip
      Do the 5 pictures work together to enhance the branding? Does the Photostrip take advantage of the enforced randomness? Do other elements on the Page work with the Photostrip?
    • The left-column tabs
      Is the navigation clear, well organized and uncluttered? Do the icons for the tabs extend the branding? Are the tab names clear and concise? Are there any of the rather funky Static FBML icons ?
    • Overall layouts
      Is the design, content and layout of any custom iFrame tabs done at a high level, clearly conveying the Page’s message and connecting well with the other designed elements?

    Ideally, the submitted Pages will utilize all of the above components to create overall branding & messaging excellence.

    If I may toot our own horn here, the HyperArts Fan Page does a good job of unifying the above-listed branding elements.

    Just post your Page submissions in the comments section below. Cheers!